2019 KAP Sani2c Trail

Tuesday, 14 May 2019 - Thursday, 16 May 2019
Kwazulu-NatalGlencairn Farm, Himeville, Underberg
  • Distance
    82 km
    14 May 2019
    Full details here: https://sani2c.co.za/race-details/route

    Start: Glencairn Farm, Himeville, 8am
    Finish: MacKenzie Country Club, Eastwolds, Ixopo
    Distance: 82km*
    Total ascent: 1 295m*
    Water Point 1: 42km
    Water Point 2: 66km
    Average max temp: 28.4°C
    Sunrise (Sani): 6.33am
    Sunset (MacKenzie): 5.18pm
  • Distance
    99 km
    15 May 2019
    Full details: https://sani2c.co.za/race-details/route

    MacKenzie Country Club, Eastwolds, Ixopo, 6.30am
    Start: Ixopo, 6.30am
    Finish: Jolivet, 10km south of Highflats
    Distance: 99km*
    Total ascent: 1 544m*
    Water Point 1: 39km
    Water Point 2: 58km
    Water Point 3: 85km
    Average max temp: 35.4°C
    Sunrise (Sani): 6.34am
    Sunset (MacKenzie): 5.16pm
  • Distance
    82 km
    16 May 2019
    Full details: https://sani2c.co.za/race-details/route

    Start: Jolivet, from 7am
    Finish: Scottburgh Primary School, Scottburgh
    Distance: 82km*
    Total ascent: 883m*
    Water Point 1: 23km
    Water Point 2: 58km
    Average max temp: 28.2°C
    Sunrise (Sani): 6.34am
    Sunset (MacKenzie): 5.14pm


3 days of amazing trails though KZN. From the majestic mountains of Sani Pass, Southern Drakensberg to the lapping shores of the warm Indian Ocean at Scottburgh Beach, KZN, South Coast.


Included in entry:
2 race villages with tented accommodation (a four-man tent to share with your partner).
A comfy high density Vitafoam mattress. You will need to bring your sleeping bag and pillow
3 meals a day plus a 24hour chill zone full of yummy goodies enough to pile on all you have just worked off!
Access to all the race facilities and improved permanent facilities i.e. hot showers, bike wash facility, rider chills zones with Clover Vanilla Milks etc.
Professional medical support by Berg Medical is included however you will need travel insurance in case of hospitalisation.
Full logistical support from Super Group who will transport your bag from race village to race village.
2 to 3 water points along the route with lots to eat and drink. We suggest you bring along your preferred bars or drinks. You don’t need to worry about going hungry. These tables are well stocked!


Glencairn Farm, Himeville, Underberg, Kwazulu-Natal
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Dexter-morgan, Jun 27 2018 09:52

what is the difference between Advanture, Trail and RACE?

Nick, Jun 27 2018 09:59

what is the difference between Advanture, Trail and RACE?


We've got an article explaining it here: https://www.bikehub....e-or-race-r7379


Short answer, nothing much really... 

Dieter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), Jun 27 2018 10:01

what is the difference between Advanture, Trail and RACE?

The amount of beers every night! 

LongDonkey, Jun 27 2018 10:01

what is the difference between Advanture, Trail and RACE?

Which day the rains fall and if it affects the trails you are on at that point........