Gravel & Grape

Friday, 3 May 2019 - Sunday, 5 May 2019
Western CapeATKV Goudini Spa, Rawsonville


Now in its 3rd year, Gravel & Grape Extreme will be taking place from 05 - 07 May 2017, while Gravel & Grape Adventure takes place from 06 - 07 May 2017.a


ATKV Goudini Spa, Rawsonville, Western Cape
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DieselnDust, Oct 11 2018 10:31

Yipppee!!! Awesome event. Will definitely be back

Skubarra, Oct 11 2018 11:17

Definitely one of the better events out there. A proper mtb'ing challenge. But for some reason doesn't attract the numbers it should. If this one is on your to-do list get in before it disappears from the calendar....

babse, Apr 29 2019 09:07

Any1 not able to ride and need to part with their entry?