SAMIL Karoo Cycling Challenge

Saturday, 5 October 2019
Eastern CapeSteytlerville Showgrounds


80 km MTB

60 km MTB

35 km MTB

10 km trail ride/run

5 km fun ride/run

Pikkie pedal
The main race is a very scenic, fairly technical race over 80km’s. The route travels through areas of Karoo Veld, dry river beds, high altitude terrain and rocky sections. A large variety of fauna and flora could be found on the route including a section through a very well-known and established private nature reserve. The race is a challenge for serious riders yet manageable for the stronger Week-end racers.
This race is very similar to the main race and the same characteristics can be expected as much of the routes is shared before the 60 km route veers off. This race is entered into by both serious and less serious riders. It is normally a very exciting race with some very close finishes in the past.
This race caters for the week-end warrior and social riders although we have had some extremely serious riders in the past. This is also the specified race distance for our Junior and Spur league riders between 13 and 16 years of age. We are also very proud to associate with mountain events who is running a league for juniors over this distance.
The 10 km race is a race aimed at families with school children. The race stretches across a section of Karoo veld and hills and consist of some single track and farm roads. It is a very good starting point for young children to get involved in cycling. It also doubles as a fairly difficult 10 km run which is very enjoyable. This race is also dedicated as a community outreach race whereby entries is sponsored by the committee to the underprivileged and previously disadvantaged community of Steytlerville. This section of the program is fondly called the “Dikwiel resies” and is very well supported by our local community. Prizes in this category is sponsored by Volkswagen SA.
This is a new distance catering for entrants who finds the 10km race to tough. This is mainly aimed at parents with younger children and the novice. The race takes place on a gravel road and is an out and about race and it is very easy
The Pikkie pedal is a short sprint race of about 250m for pre-school children. The main aim is to create an enjoyable family friendly atmosphere where everybody is welcomed


Steytlerville Showgrounds, Eastern Cape
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