Medihelp trapNET

Sunday, 29 September 2019
GautengSupersport Park
  • Distance
    95 km
    29 Sep 2019
    Cyclists will start from SuperSport Park in Centurion and travel east to Olievenhoutbosch Road where they will cross Jean Avenue before turning right into Main Road.<br /><br />The route will then turn left into Nellmapius Drive, over the R21 where cyclists will eventually turn right onto Delmas Road (R50). <br /><br />This scenic stretch with rolling hills will take cyclists to the R51 with gradual climbing to the highest point (1663m) at 41km, and then back towards Pretoria East on the M6 (Graham Rd becomes Lynwood Rd) which is mostly downhill. <br /><br />The route then turns left into Solomon Mahlangu Drive where cyclists will face the steepest climb of the day at around 77km. <br /><br />A left turn will take them under the R21 on Van Ryneveld Avenue and around Waterkloof Airforce Base with one last small climb on River Road before the fast descent down Lenchen Avenue back to SuperSport Park.
  • Distance
    1 km
    29 Sep 2019
    It’s a family affair with the Junior trapNET event which takes place on Saturday 28 September. Pre-school children (up to Grade R) can participate with their parents in this fun ride. The course is a lap of 1km all within the secure SuperSport Park precinct and the ride covers areas on tar, smooth gravel and grass.<br /><br />Children can be on any form of bicycle (e.g. tricycle, Y-bike, push bike) but parents/guardians must be on foot. There are two start times to choose from; one at 10h00 and one at 12h00.<br /><br />All children will receive a Twizza water and a medal. No children may participate without a parent or guardian.


The Medihelp trapNET is BACK with a new date in Spring, and an awesome 95km route with full route & lane closure.


Starting and finishing at SuperSport Park in Centurion, the Medihelp trapNET offers a scenic route that is perfect for novices wanting to attempt their first cycle race, and experienced cyclists who want to challenge themselves.


Race Weekend is for the whole family - from the Junior trapNET for the little ones (6 and under) to the Cycling Market on 27 and 28 September, where you can do your pre-race cycling and healthy lifestyle shopping...


Entries close 16 September!


PLUS, enter before entries close, and you could win a VIP cycling trip to ride the Pinarello Gran Fondo in Italy!


Supersport Park, Gauteng
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mecheng89, Sep 17 2019 08:02

So who is doing this one? 

SurferChild, Sep 19 2019 11:55

Ja, I'll be there... Looking forward to my first one

arendoog, Sep 19 2019 12:02


Opc_danny, Sep 19 2019 01:12

Il be there - lets see how that one goes.

mecheng89, Sep 19 2019 03:12

Scored a free entry. 


I want to do a route recce on the public holiday, but I'll probably be doing it solo, but am uncertain about road condition, hard shoulder etc.



mecheng89, Sep 23 2019 12:26

Seedings out - AL. Who else is starting AL?

Al Allen, Sep 23 2019 12:49

@mecheng89 where did you see this seeding info?

Pieter-za, Sep 23 2019 01:17

where did you see this seeding info?

Check your 'Final Race Instructions' email 

Al Allen, Sep 23 2019 01:20

Check your 'Final Race Instructions' email 

Thanks Pieter-za.

Prozac, Sep 23 2019 01:29

Seedings out - AL. Who else is starting AL?

I am in A . . . 

Opc_danny, Sep 23 2019 01:42

Im in AL  :eek:



Seedings out - AL. Who else is starting AL?

shaper, Sep 23 2019 02:05

Also AL

hgludick, Sep 25 2019 06:52

Does anyone have the route as an upload for a Garmin GPS?

mecheng89, Sep 26 2019 08:22

Does anyone have the route as an upload for a Garmin GPS?

Attached Files

mecheng89, Sep 26 2019 08:23

Does anyone have the route as an upload for a Garmin GPS?

DISCLAIMER - SELF-CREATED, so may not be 100% accurate. I tried to follow the guide on the website as closely as I could.

snapshot, Sep 29 2019 07:48

Hi how was the race today? 

Pieter-za, Sep 29 2019 07:56

I enjoyed it, good organisation ito of traffic management etc. A bit windy at times but all in all a good enjoyable race

Roul, Sep 29 2019 07:56

I found it very decent, well marshalled. Didn't have any issues with the cars, but I can imagine some civilians being very unhappy. Those are some busy roads.

Rode in BL, again felt the bunch was a bit nervous. Specially with the cones, one of them ping ponged between a few riders, with some less than happy guys and girls. The second half of Lynnwood felt neutralised as everyone ready for Hans Strydom. It felt like a climb, not just a bump, but still good.

Will be back for it.

Prozac, Sep 30 2019 07:57

Hey , that was fun !


Game plan = AL , Have fun , smile, enjoy , play . . . until I "explode" // bonk , I finally ran out of energy on that hans strydom hill . . . mountain.  Like MVDP , my legs switched off and saw the front bunch disappear and then the second bunch came past never to be seen again. . .


To be on the bike with a smile and happy heart in a race is so much enjoyable , even the twizza at the end taste lekker ! There are some "gentleman" in the group whom really would benefit for happy cycling . . . 


Be Blessed !

snapshot, Sep 30 2019 08:10

Nice.. hopefuly race will stay on the calender and I can do it next year.

shaper, Sep 30 2019 08:13

Good race and nice test of the legs, Rode in AL which was fast and furious, got dropped after an hour, rode solo for a while into that wind, was not nice!  Eventually picked up by BL and rode with them till the final big climb where was pretty much everyone for themselves, although legs finished by then as burnt too many matches hanging in with the A batch.  Ride marshall's were great.  Will do it again

Opc_danny, Sep 30 2019 10:10

I rode in AL - pace was hot but really enjoyed it.

Finished with a 2h24 - was happy with the result :)

Riaan H, Sep 30 2019 10:14

Was my 1st road race since 94.7 in 2016 so I started in G-bunch.


Enjoyed the race and must agree that the marshaling was great. That wind from Bapsfontein to the beginning of Solomon Mahlangu hurt my average but otherwise not too bad. How lekka was that last downhill section before the finish?


Will definitely be doing it again next year.

Job, Sep 30 2019 10:48

AL dropped me at 40km, had to push alone for sometime until BL came flying pass me. Overall the race was good but there was a stretch after being dropped where we were sharing the road with cars going on both directions.