Brewery to Brewery

Saturday, 17 October 2020 - Sunday, 18 October 2020
Western CapeGreyton to Hermanus


BrewerytoBrewery, from Old Potters brewery in Greyton to Hemel-en-Aarde brewery in Hermanus, got me excited as it offers sufficient mountains, many valleys, hills and rivers, all the way down to the Atlantic Ocean. The area, typography and existing Hemel-en-Aarde trails were almost begging for a daddy long leg route and a MTB experience that’s aligned to our objective and signature. Quite exciting; with multiple route options, unexplored territory, existing MTB Trails, all combined into a magic 85km route, from the Greyton mountains down along Hemel-en-Aarde to the coast.

It’s a well-known MTB saying that; The Route is King. It also true that the longer the route, the bigger the King; the longer route’s proportionally impact of the success and popularity of the event. The route has to match the B2B rider profile; a relax blend of open gravel roads and easier single tracks, matching an average rider fitness and skill level. Not forgetting a slight party animal that can enjoy a few October Beer Fest craft beers, the day before and race the following day!


Greyton to Hermanus, Western Cape
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white tiger, Sep 08 2020 12:59


Anyone knows if this is still going ahead as advertised?

Skubarra, Sep 08 2020 02:28


Anyone knows if this is still going ahead as advertised?


I know of a few people going through so I assume it will happen


Killarney races have started and there is a WP Cycling race this weekend in Slanghoek so events are starting up (+ the Trailseeker in Gauteng last weekend)

Cookie88, Sep 08 2020 05:17

I am entered with a couple of mates - confirmed with organisers a couple of weeks ago - all seems to be going ahead as planned!