Gauteng XCO Cup Series

Saturday, 18 January 2020
GautengXCOSA Bike Park (Voortrekker Monument)


2020 GC XCO Series dates. The 2020 GC XCO season starts with a bang on 18 Jan 20! With 2020 being an Olympic year, the peak racing season is somewhat condensed to ensure maximum potential until May 2020 for accruing UCI points to our Elite riders. We are in the process of finalising race tracks for the GC events and have a tender procedure we follow for event organisers to ensure events comply with the physical and technical demand pertaining to provincial type events.


GC XCO Cup Series & SA XCO Cup seeding. Please take note that results of all GC XCO Cup events will be incorporated into the SA XCO Cup Series seeding for determining starting order of these national events. Although the GC XCO Cup results will not directly impact on the SA XCO Log, it will contribute indirectly in that it will offer better starting positions in SA XCO Cup races and consequently a much higher probability for better race results!


GC XCO Colours. All point towards 2020 being the 1st year for rewarding excellent mtb performance with prestigious provincial colours. The GC colours criteria document has been drafted and will finally be considered for approval end November 2019. The premise, however, is that GC Colour nominations are dependent on regional colours as well as nomination by the respective regional mtb and executive committees.


More details (route, start times, laps...) will be posted closer to each event...


XCOSA Bike Park (Voortrekker Monument), Gauteng
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Foxy_Roxy, Jan 06 2020 03:44

Track for the first XCO introduction league race will be ready for practice from 6 January... It is a less demanding track to ease into the racing season. 4,2km / 97m ascent per lap

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Foxy_Roxy, Jan 14 2020 06:57

Registration should be done one hour before your start time.

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Foxy_Roxy, Jan 15 2020 09:44

2020 GC XCO League #1 on 18 Jan 20 - in other words: "The exhilaration never stops ..."

> Online entries (closing today)
> Late entries & number pick-up at venue on race day (late entries R250 + R50)
> Vital stats of track: 4,2 km, 97 m vertical ascend per lap
> NO jumps, drops, rock gardens this time ...
> Enquiries Pierre - 0797171209

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Foxy_Roxy, Jan 20 2020 04:04

Some of the action that took place. Muddy and slippery in the rock gardens...

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Foxy_Roxy, Jan 20 2020 04:06


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Foxy_Roxy, Jan 26 2020 07:33

Development league #2 is on 1 February. It will be even more fun than race #1... More technical features will be used to challenge the riders...

Enter at https://www.cyclingsa-events/

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Foxy_Roxy, Jan 26 2020 07:37

All race results available at

Foxy_Roxy, Jan 27 2020 01:54

No changes to age group start times, however the amount of laps has increased for some groups... Course profile to follow soon.

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Foxy_Roxy, Jan 27 2020 02:44

Route is the same as previously, only in reverse. This increases the technical demand:

1) start off with technical climb which will spike your heart-rate
2) recover on a tar section
3) the dragged out climb along the fence is now a fast downhill
4) more punchy climbs
5) A-line drop-off and gap jump / B-line with logs to slow you down
6) sprint to the finish line on a slight incline

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Foxy_Roxy, Feb 02 2020 06:46

Results will be posted by Sunday evening

Foxy_Roxy, Feb 02 2020 06:47

It was a scorcher. More than 30 riders in the youth category - a record number of participants. Masters and vets categories also increased a bit in numbers. More competitors, more fun!

Foxy_Roxy, Feb 02 2020 06:52


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Foxy_Roxy, Feb 09 2020 05:56

The first official Gauteng Cup race is on 22 February. More A-lines. More climbing. More stoke.

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Foxy_Roxy, Feb 17 2020 04:15

Starting times are up. Route profile and map to follow... Enter at

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Foxy_Roxy, Feb 20 2020 05:39

Please take note that the number of laps as indicated can still be amended should circumstances require it. Also, should the minimum numbers as prescribed by CSA/UCI not enter in your category, you may be required to race with the next stronger category.



The race track for Race #1 looks as follows, offering 152m of vertical ascend on each 4,25km lap. Nippers and Sprogs will race on a shortened track of 3,4km offering 120m vertical ascend per lap:



Mountain bike XCO is an extreme sport and the event will continue even if it rains - cancelling the event will only be considered in the case of life threatening conditions for contestants.

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Foxy_Roxy, Feb 23 2020 08:01

Record number of entries. Perfect racing conditions. Next one is at Thaba Trails on 14 March 😉


Here are the results...

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Foxy_Roxy, Mar 05 2020 02:01


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Foxy_Roxy, Mar 09 2020 02:35

New A-line at Thaba Trails







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Foxy_Roxy, Mar 10 2020 07:51


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the_bob, Mar 10 2020 08:22

Assume this is on the XCO route, not the main trail?




NotSoBigBen, Mar 10 2020 09:53

Assume this is on the XCO route, not the main trail?

That's correct ... some more work being done on the XCO route at the moment. I can't ride most of it but still had an absolute blast on it with Wendell this morning!

Will post an elevation pic a bit later today ....5f79a2925065804452f2f0cac610be72.jpg

Foxy_Roxy, Apr 25 2020 12:35

New dates for Gauteng XCO cup #3 & #4 races to be announced soon.

Foxy_Roxy, Apr 26 2020 05:47

New dates:

Gauteng XCM champs - 1 August, Voortrekker Monument


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Foxy_Roxy, Jun 03 2020 04:21

Details of the Eliminator series to be released on 8 June. Up to 4 cyclists race one lap around a 400m MTB track. Two fastest riders advance to the next round. Slowest riders are eliminated.

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Foxy_Roxy, Jun 12 2020 10:45