WC DH#1 Paarl

Saturday, 25 January 2020 - Sunday, 26 January 2020
Western CapePaarl (Rock) Taal Monument


Western Cape Downhill is alive and well and raring to go for the 2020 season


Western Cape Downhill's (WC DH) first event kicks off at the all-friendly Paarl track at Paarl Rock. Shuttle day on Saturday 25 January (R350.00) provides an awesome opportunity to just ride the track and have fun. Sunday 26th January offers you a chance to test your abilities, with a timed run, against your mates. Online through ROAG, for both events, it will cost you R550.00 but the early-bird special (first 50 riders) only pay R500.00.


Paarl (Rock) Taal Monument, Western Cape
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Headshot, Jan 21 2020 10:24

We all jaw on and on about bikes and kit but not that much about local DH events. There's been quite good promo for this one, which strikes me as a good intro event to DH, judging by the track and nice smooth shuttle drive back up.  


Is anyone else interested in entering at least for the Saturday shuttle? I'm looking for some encouragement and a fuel bill splitting lift to the venue. 



Bos, Jan 21 2020 11:20

Id be very keen but my bike is not here yet (Stolen in Nov). Its really not that gnarly a track and a perfect enduro stage really. 

 I will try make the other events for sure.

stefmeister, Jan 23 2020 08:17

I can be there Saturday afternoon-ish or very early morning, but my wrist is only good for 3 runs.