Ben10 By Bike Challenge

Thursday, 9 April 2020 - Tuesday, 14 April 2020
Western CapeRhodes, Eastern Cape


Ever heard of the Ben10 Challenge (No, it’s got nothing to do with the kid’s TV show). It does, however, involve 10 of the highest mountain passes in South Africa, and we are going to tackle them on a bicycle. For full details about the challenge, go look at the page here, the team from Mountain Passes of South Africa have put together the challenge, and we intend to complete the challenge in five days, under peddle power.

We will leave Cape Town on the 9th of April, and make our way towards Graaf-Reinet where we spend the night. The following morning, we depart early and make our way toward Rhodes where we spend the next three nights. Stopping off first to tackle the Otto du Plessis, Bastervoedpad, and Barkly Passes.

We spend another two nights in Rhodes as a base, giving us the time to tackle the remaining 7 passes over three days, before spending the final night in Graaf-Reinet, before making our way back to Cape Town.

TBoss1988, Feb 25 2020 01:29

The ben 10 Challenge in the Eastern Cape involves summuting the 10 highest mountain passes in South Africa, either by Car, Motorbike, Bicycle or on foot in a maximum of 7 days. 


The Challenge is set by the team from Mountain Passes of Southern Afirca. you can read all about it here: https://www.mountain...pass/ben10.html


We are putting together a group of riders to take on the challenge between the 9th and 14th of April 2020. We will travelling from Cape Town, and have space to six extra riders with us. 


If you are keen to join us, please get in touch ASAP to secure your spot. 


cost works out at R6650.00 per person, including accomodation (Bed and Breakfast), return travel from Cape Town, Transers between the passes, and a support vehicle carrying spares and tools etc along the way. 


We are 3 guys that will be riding. The ride is mostly suited to cross country bikes, as the roads are mostly rough gravel (One of the passes is tar, but it has to be done to count as a full 10). 


Will be awesome to have you come along and join us. Its a proper challenge, but something a little different too. 


For all the details, have a look here:

TBoss1988, Feb 25 2020 02:57

Okay. We now have place left for 4 riders to come along. Drop me a PM or mail for more info

Scalpel, Feb 25 2020 03:34


TBoss1988, Feb 25 2020 04:37

For now we are only planning a Cape Town departure, but if there is enough interest, (at least 4 riders), we could possibly do a JHB departure as well.

xamnam, Feb 25 2020 06:17

Gravel bike an option ?

TBoss1988, Feb 26 2020 10:13

xamnam, gravel bike should be fine. Will be a bit tough on the Tiffenddel/Tenahead traverse, but still doable, but should be fine on all the others.

TBoss1988, Feb 26 2020 11:53

Down to three places left now.

Brakepad, Feb 26 2020 03:17

sounds very interesting but is it just 10 high passes or why is Sani pass (2867m) not on the list ?

TBoss1988, Feb 27 2020 07:30

These 10 passes are all within a short distance of one another. Sani Pass is a long way off, so it wouldn’t be practical for it to be added to the list.

TBoss1988, Feb 27 2020 11:02

Have had a few people ask the same questions regarding this trip, so thought I will try explain it again:

1. Transport is provided for you and your bike from Cape Town (secure bike trailer, fully insured)

2. The accomodation rate includes bed and breakfast. lunch time will be at local restaurants/pubs, for your own account. Similarly, we will go out to local restaurants for dinners, for your own account. We will have a group braai one of the evenings, which will be included in the price, just get your own drinks.

3. To complete the challenge, you need to ride every pass, from bottom to top and back down again. We will be transferred by car between the passes.

4. This is meant to be a fun challenge, it’s not a race, just a lekker riding trip.

TBoss1988, Feb 28 2020 11:10

Just giving this another bump. We still have place for three riders

TBoss1988, Mar 06 2020 09:10

Hi guys, giving this thread another Bump. There is still place for 3 riders for our Cape Town departure. And if we can get at least 4 Pta/JHB based riders interested, we will do a departure from there too.

Dropped the price down to R5550.00 per person all inc (return transfer for you and your bike, Accomodation on DBB basis, support vehicle with tools and spares).

TBoss1988, Mar 11 2020 09:21

Still looking for three more riders to joins us on this trip. Have to close off the bookings tomorrow.


Price Drop to R5250.00 per rider (ex cape town). Please drop me a PM or email if you want more info


Alternatively call me on (0)six3two2zerotwo8nine5