Kings & Queens of Dirt - ENDURO

Sunday, 29 November 2020
North WestIron Throne Trail Park - Hartbeespoort


Iron Throne Trail Park will play host to a massive day out on the trails! The incorporation of gondola lifts has given us the opportunity to build stages with a minimum of 200m elevation drop per stage

What do you need to know?

  • It is as proper enduro, 5 solid stages
  • Riders will take 3 lifts to the top of the mountain on the gondolas.
  • We can't make everything downhill, there will be some climbing (see stages below)
  • Your entry fee covers the race entry only, lift pass not included. R260
  • Each rider has to buy a separate lift pass to partake in the event. R140 day pass or R270 for a month pass. (Month pass can be used for practice runs on Saturday or 30 days leading up to the event.
  • Iron Throne trail park is known to be technical, but we have worked hard to offer all levels of riders the opportunity to take part and have fun!
  • Elite timing will be timing our event.
  • The practice day will be on the 28th of November.

Stage 1 - Vulture Valley

The place where the chances of spotting a few vultures are almost a guarantee. This run starts at the top of the hill and is a long, flowy, and fun trail. Good to get the blood going. estimated elevation drop 330m. After the run, a proper climb waits to link up with...

Stage 2 - The Joker

The Joker is this events blind stage for all the riders..surprise surprise...into the bike park and up to the top with the lift.

Stage 3 - Jolly Rocker

The oldest track of them all...we hope you have legs for this one, the goal is to break 5min...short climb to

Stage 4 - Flowmo

This is where you get rewarded with some serious flow all the way into the bike park, jumps, berms, single track, and all those other good stuff!

Stage 5 - Kings & Queens Alley

The best run deserves to be tamed last! A 300m long rock garden, the gambler, button's rock, o snapps, line king, ride rock and much more await riders on a revised and enduro ready downhill track. For the last run, we are building allot of B & C lines on the DH track to make it Enduro friendly!

Prizegiving will take place at Iron Throne Family market where there is more than enough to eat and drink!

This event will also give you a great idea of what Enduro SA Champs will have in store for 2021.

This event is CSA licensed. R35 day license will be applicable for riders that are not registered.

More information and updates on trails:



Iron Throne Trail Park - Hartbeespoort, North West
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Pieter1, Oct 16 2020 08:57

Pretty keen on this. Will be my first Enduro so not quite sure what to expect but nervously excited.

the_bob, Oct 16 2020 09:15

Looking forward to this!

Pieter1, Oct 17 2020 09:30

Looking forward to this!

Have ridden any of the tracks there? If you and Chad are going to pull through before the race I’d like to join to sus it out.

Chadvdw67, Oct 17 2020 10:27

Have ridden any of the tracks there? If you and Chad are going to pull through before the race I’d like to join to sus it out.

We will be going to check the tracks out maybe on the 31st or the weekend after, will let you know closer to the time

SLDRCK, Oct 22 2020 11:01

Looking forward to seeing you guys on the trails. We will also be doing some video footage over the next 2 weeks. 


By the 31st of this month most of the lines will be open and rideable. But we will keep on improving them every week. Working on flow, and features.