Leeuwkop MTB challenge

Saturday, 28 November 2020
GautengLeeuwkop Correctional services (golf club)


Leeuwkop MTB Challenge
A brand new exciting event on the 2020 MTB calendar. Ronald Lamola, Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, is inviting you to come and ride with him in the incredible grounds of the Leeuwkop Correctional Services. This is going to be a ride that you don’t wanna miss, a rare opportunity to ride trail that is usually off limits to the public. We have been granted permission for 1 day of the year to ride the trails. There’s something for the whole family, so load up the kids bikes, and come and enjoy the day with us.
The day’s proceeds will go toward uplifting underprivileged children with new bicycles.


VENUE: Leeuwkop Correctional Services (Golf club)
DATE: 28TH November 2020
FEE: R250 pp. Funds raised will be used to buy bicycles to uplift underprivileged children with new bicycles.
ESTIMATED TIMES: (Subject to change)
• Registration: 6:30 - 7:30am at the Leeuwkop Correctional Services (Golf club)
• 30km 7h30
• 10km 09h30
• 5km 09h45
Prize giving for 30km race – 10h00
Prize giving for 10km and 5km fun rides – 11h00


Entries limited due to strict Covid regulations.
• Unfortunately no late entries will be allowed. PRE ENTRY ONLY!
• You are required to sanitise at the venue
• Social distancing at registration and throughout the day will be followed.
• If we need to batch start, these will be determined on the day.
• Athletes are to adhere to 1,5m social distancing in the start chute and are required to wear their masks until 1 minute before the start. Masks will be allowed to be pulled down for the duration of the race and will be required to be pulled back up at the finish line.
• The water point will be self-service and the athletes must dispose of the cups in the demarcated bins themselves. NO SHARING of cups will be allowed.
• Riders are required to wear their masks when stopping at the water point and waiting to get their beverage - they will be allowed to take their masks down to drink and will need to leave straight after disposing of their cups. When on the trail again, they may move their masks down.
• When you are back at the venue, please take responsibility and wear your mask.
• As excited as we are to see you, please do not come to the event if you are unwell.
Entry Includes:
• Water points on route and finish
• Well marked route
• Medical staff
• BoutTime ensure results on website
• Food & refreshment stalls and entertainment
• Lucky draw ticket to all entrants
• Excellent prizes to male and female winners
• Secured Kids Zone
• Finishing medals


Leeuwkop Correctional services (golf club), Gauteng
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JK7, Nov 15 2020 05:04

Was lucky enough to ride here today (invite only with JMBC club ride) and it is going to be a great race.

Some super speedy downhills, some climbs where you have to graft hard, and some freshly cut single track. Really nice place to ride.

I'll definitely be going to this race. Also its for a good cause

p.s. I have no affiliation with the place or event :-)

Gr3mlin131, Nov 27 2020 08:49

Should be nice and muddy after the rain tonight. Think it is gonna be fun

JK7, Nov 28 2020 03:29

Was muddy but enjoyed it. I think some sections were cut out due to the rain. Like the river crossing. And I suspect it reduced the single track