SRAM Western Province Gravity Enduro Series # 1 | Jonkershoek

The 2017 SRAM WP Gravity Enduro series kicked off with a bang in Jonkershoek, starting things on a very positive note.

Two very important events occurred in relation to this event, the first of which was the 23mm of rain that we received on Saturday evening. This might not seem stellar, but with the current state of affairs, it meant some much-needed moisture for fauna and flora, and some much desired tacky trails for the riders. Secondly, thanks to the talented guys at Mobii, we were rewarded with accurate, live and fully functional timing. To those not in the know, there’s been a fair amount of issues and frustrations around previous WP Gravity Enduro events with regard to timing, and everybody was hopeful that things would come together eventually. And it did.


Jasper Barrett's setup. Classic.


Success! Accurate, efficient, and live timing provided by these guys.


New ergonomic number boards for 2017. No more A4 size billboard flopping about.




Fresh from the EWS circuit, Matt Lombardi applied everything he learned in ultra wet conditions overseas and put on the perfect display of speed and control, taking all four stage victories. Second place, however, deserves a special mention as 16-year-old Keira Duncan traveled down from KZN, and with only one practice ride in Jonkershoek under the belt, came in just 32 seconds behind Lombardi. Rounding out the podium in 3rd spot, a mere 4.2 seconds behind Duncan, is the ever threatening Gary Barnard. 4th place was taken by David Hogan and 5th place by the very talented 14-year-old Luke Moir.


Joana Dobinson - 2nd Women | 23:04.535




I’ve only ridden here yesterday, which at that point was very dry and slippery. The rain improved the trail conditions big time though and we could hit the corners a bit harder. Stage 2 stood out - it was really rad and I really enjoyed it. Just three seconds behind Matt on stage 1, two seconds on stage 2 and then the pedally stages came where he really pulled away. Keira Duncan - 2nd | 19:02.933


Diana Carolin - 3rd Women | 25:20.465




I tried to keep it consistent today, not really looking to take any chances. Keeping it tidy is something I’ve been struggling with a bit overseas. My favourite was definitely stage 2 with some nice rocky sections. Conditions were absolutely prime and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I’ll give Keira full credit - he has definitely proved he’s the kid for the future and I’m stoked to see that sort of talent coming through. Matt Lombardi - 1st | 18:30.662


David Hogan - 4th | 19:40.647




This was a proper Enduro race, with a real mountain and a proper 4 minute long stages. Stage 2 was good, and I enjoy the rock section, but for me the Red Phoenix is one that absolutely stands out. It’s a tough stage and very rewarding and at one stage I bar dragged against the bench cut which was one of the best moments ever. Gary Barnard - 3rd | 19:07.098


Luke Moir - 5th | 19:41.920


Rika Olivier - 1st Women | 22:20.227


Top 10 overall:


1. Matt Lombardi 1st ELITE MEN | 04:30.168 | 04:51.834 | 04:42.693 | 04:25.967 | 18:30.662 -
2. Keira Duncan 1st JUNIOR MEN | 04:33.823 | 04:53.071 | 04:52.684 | 04:43.355 | 19:02.933 +00:32.271
3. Gary Barnard 1st VETERAN MEN | 04:40.503 | 05:01.928 | 04:45.100 | 04:39.567 | 19:07.098 +00:36.436
4. David Hogan 2nd ELITE MEN | 05:16.016 | 04:57.595 | 04:51.943 | 04:35.093 | 19:40.647 +01:09.985
5. Luke Moir 1st YOUTH MEN | 04:45.171 | 05:03.479 | 04:55.035 | 04:58.235 | 19:41.920 +01:11.258
6. James Coetzer 3rd ELITE MEN | 04:50.976 | 05:04.427 | 05:03.057 | 04:54.392 | 19:52.852 +01:22.190
7. Rupert von Tutschek 4th ELITE MEN | 04:49.004 | 05:17.772 | 05:25.891 | 04:41.625 | 20:14.292 +01:43.630
8. Craig Rhodes-Harrison 5th ELITE MEN | 05:01.746 | 05:14.310 | 05:10.529 | 04:51.330 | 20:17.915 +01:47.253
9. Matt van Galen 6th ELITE MEN | 04:53.132 | 05:15.880 | 05:12.211 | 04:56.889 | 20:18.112 +01:47.450
10. Jasper Barrett 2nd YOUTH MEN | 04:52.590 | 05:10.602 | 05:16.020 | 05:03.853 | 20:23.065 +01:52.403


Full Results can be viewed here.




Official race gallery can be viewed here.


A big thank you goes out to SRAM, Mobii, Ass Magic, Imbi, MacSound and Helivac for helping the 2017 season off to a great start.


TAAHIRWP, Jun 06 2017 09:04


iRide, Jun 06 2017 11:22

Sic pics Ewald! So happy that timing has been sorted out and we can get on with racing! Well done to all involved.

Headshot, Jun 06 2017 12:11

You cannot beat that backdrop. Lovely event. Havent ridden a damp Jonkers for a very long time. Timing was totally fuss free - just dont get too close to the receiver before the start!

Bikinginthebosch, Jun 06 2017 03:35

Amazing pics of a very well run event! And yes, the timing worked well, and the new number boards were nifty too! The app seems to work well too and the idea of a photo Finnish adds a nice touch. See you at all the others! Thanks team!

Andrew_Smith, Jun 06 2017 05:55

Jasper's setup is bike goals. Literally...

solty, Jun 06 2017 07:45

Sorry for the arb post, but I picked up a through axle in Jonkershoek parking area Sunday evening. If you lost yours or a mate did, reply to the notice I put in Lost and Found.

Bibi, Aug 01 2017 01:45

Still THE highlight of the year thus far.