South African National Downhill Series Round 2 - Jonkershoek

It was all about KZN vs Western Province during round 2 of the South African National Downhill series this past weekend at a slightly more damp Jonkershoek.



Following last weekend's marginal miss over victory, just 1.06 seconds from the top step, Theo Erlangsen finally put together the run that would see him take top honours this weekend at round 2 of the South African National Downhill Series. This was amidst some tough competition in the form of the always-threatening brothers Philigene from KZN, who in the end could only secure 2nd (Christoper) and 3rd (Jonathan) overall. Last weeks fastest man at round 3 of the WP Downhill, Adi van der Merwe, came home in 4th with Matt van Galen rounding off the podium in 5th. Contrary to last week, some much needed albeit minuscule rain fell on Friday, leading to a little bit more grip and less blown out corners, ultimately leading to faster times down the unchanged 1,4km long Jonkershoek track. On the ladies front, Rika Olivier followed last week's win and reigned queen over Charlotte Wolfson, Gabi Lanfear and Stef Groenewald who came home in 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.




Matt van Galen - 5th | 02:26.919


Adi Van Der Merwe - 4th | 02:24.847
Jonathan Philogene - 3rd | 02:23.279


It could have been better. I made a couple of mistakes the whole way down. It was quite tricky to get the super fast time - you had to hold it quite loose without making any mistakes, which isn't really my strong suit. Jonathan Philogene


Christopher Philogene - 2nd | 02:20.774


Today's race was very good. I tried to keep it smooth but the track was very hard and pedally - there's not much to the track so you gotta hit the lines perfectly. The rain made track a bit more hard packed during practice but the race run was very loose. Christopher Philogene


Theo Erlangsen - 1st | 02:18.664


The top corners were really really blown out - with almost no corner left by race run. You really got to keep it cool and calm through some sections and there's such a fine line between keeping it perfect and overcooking it. My whole run was definitely not clean, but I kept my momentum and kept it on two wheels. Yesterday's practice was the most prime riding with nice hero dirt, but 70 riders smashing the track throughout the weekend means all of the corners was blown out and powdery like last week. Theo Erlangsen


Rika Olivier - 1st woman | 02:44.563


Ike Klaassen - 1st Junior Boys | 02:39.166


Chris Nixon - 1st Veteran Men | 02:33.770


SADH2-117 copy.jpg
Jasper Barrett - 1st Youth Men | 02:30.986


SADH2-131 copy.jpg
Niko Velasco - 1st Junior Men | 02:27.481


Robert Starke - 1st Sub Veteran 02:39.147


Vince Muir - 1st Masters | 02:55.250


Alex Mancini - 1st Enduro | 02:39.541


Keagan Brand - 1st Sprog Boys | 02:57.068


Benjamin Wolfson - 1st Nipper Boys | 04:24.298
Top 10 overall:
1. Theo Erlangsen - 02:18.664
2. Christopher Philogene - 02:20.774
3. Jonathan Philogene - 02:23.279
4. Adi Van Der Merwe - 02:24.847
5. Matt Van Galen - 02:26.919
6. Struan Mcmaster - 02:27.097
7. Niko Velasco - 02:27.481
8. Duran Van Eeden - 02:28.806
9. Cullen Mcmaster - 02:29.084
10. Jasper Barrett - 02:30.986


Top 3 women overall:
1. Rika Olivier - 02:44.563
2. Charlotte Wolfson - 03:34.366
3. Gabi Lanfear - 03:45.521


Full results can be viewed here.


Official race images can be found here.