Podcast: Q&A with the Coaches - Episode 2

In our new podcast series Q&A with the Coaches, you can ask the experts from Science2Sport your cycling training and racing related questions. The team at Science2Sport, which includes leading sports scientists, Dr Jeroen Swart, Dr Mike Posthumus, John Wakefield, and Benoit Capostagno, will be addressing the answers to your cycling related queries, along with local mountain bike pioneer Steve Bowman adding his insight.


The Q&A with the Coaches podcast series is available on SoundCloud and iTunes.


The topics covered in Episode Two:

  • Is there a desired training stress score (TTS) that you should be looking for? (at 36 seconds)
  • With the correct pedals stroke, will there still be dead spots? (at 9 minutes 40 seconds)
  • How important is base training? Are there more efficient options? (at 21 minutes 18 seconds)
  • For someone with limited training time, is it more beneficial to focus on cycling for fitness or is cross-training worthwhile? (at 28 minutes 28 seconds)
  • I want to start training more seriously, should I buy a power meter for my average aluminium road bike or should I rather use the money towards a good carbon race bike? (at 34 minutes 37 seconds)



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Dammm, it's going to be a long month till the next podcast.


hmmm what a nice analogy, the Eiffel tower.