Podcast: Q&A with the Coaches - Episode 3

In our new podcast series Q&A with the Coaches, you can ask the experts from Science2Sport your cycling training and racing related questions. The team at Science2Sport, which includes leading sports scientists, Dr Jeroen Swart, Dr Mike Posthumus, and Benoit Capostagno, will be addressing the answers to your cycling related queries, along with local mountain bike pioneer Steve Bowman adding his insight.


The Q&A with the Coaches podcast series is available on SoundCloud and iTunes.


The topics covered in Episode Three:

  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of combining starvation with high-intensity interval training (HIIT)? (at 30 seconds)
  • What's the best training advice someone has ever given you? (at 7 minutes 44 seconds)
  • How should one consume energy drinks and gels in long events? (at 8 minutes 20 seconds)
  • How important is the role of genetics in an athlete's VO2 max? (at 15 minutes 13 seconds)
  • Beating the afternoon slump. Early morning training vs evening training? (at 28 minutes 48 seconds)


Jakkals., May 22 2017 06:32

Cool, let me go to bed ;)