Deathgrip: 'Best Track Ever' with Brendan Fairclough and Josh Bryceland

To celebrate the launch of DEATHGRIP, Brendan Fairclough and Clay Porter release one of the most acclaimed sections from the movie, ‘Best Track Ever’, featuring Brendan Fairclough and Josh Bryceland.


Fairclough and Bryceland head to Schladming, Austria, which hosts what is widely accepted as the best UCI Mountain Bike World Cup track in recent history. Globally recognized as two of the most stylish racers out there, Fairclough and Bryceland put the ‘Best Track Ever’ through its paces, putting viewers on the edge of their seats eager to get out there and ride themselves.


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RyanD, Jul 24 2017 08:51

That slow mo at 50 seconds. Eye opening.

Meezo, Jul 25 2017 11:47

Is that 29ers

craig82, Jul 25 2017 01:33

Is that 29ers


fusion01, Jul 28 2017 10:17

stoked this was featured here, I watched it a while back and it's foooking wikkid!

fusion01, Jul 28 2017 10:18

Is that 29ers


no I think Scott Genius (or Gambler?) - all 650b's