Soil Searching: Karkloof trail builder Hylton Turvey

Meet Hylton Turvey, a trail builder who finds inspiration in the shape of the land itself.


When the earth speaks, Hylton Turvey listens, taking the time and care to carve trails in South Africa in a way that honors her presence. Soil Searching founder, Fanie Kok, shares this intimate profile of a man who has a true connection with the land he builds upon.


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Chris_, May 05 2020 06:11

Hey but some people are living life the right way


Just awesome

Bos, May 05 2020 10:20

Wow. How badly do I want to go ride some of Hyltons trails right now!


I've built a bit in my lifetime, and I'd admit I've never been able to just build something first time, and it just worked. However, Where I live currently out in the Breede valley, there are hardly any proper red or black trails but mountains all around. I have permission to build I just need time and rain.


Go Hylton. Please come build more trails in WC. 

iRide, May 06 2020 05:28

Ah...That red KZN dirt ! Great stuff guys.Would love to come ride there again

PatrickR, May 07 2020 10:17

Nice vid Fanie!


Hylton Turvey..... the silent assassin!!


What a gentleman, what a visionary, what a trail builder, what a human being..... and he rides a Kenevo!


See you soon

Justcruizing, Jul 15 2020 10:38

Hero's thanks for expanding trails. Without you the bike industry cannot exist.

Heinrich Hattingh, Jul 15 2020 11:12

✊ Bonazan

mazambaan, Jul 16 2020 07:56

Must be nippy up there at the minute; fantastic trails (tricky when wet), thank you Hylton. Many good times had there.