This is Home: Greg Minnaar

The schedule of one of the most successful downhill racers of all time doesn’t allow for much time to spend with family or friends, yet somehow – Greg Minnaar makes it work. This past winter, Shimano paid him a visit in his hometown of Pietermaritzburg to film the latest episode of This is Home.


Suidwes Boytjie, Jun 07 2017 12:45

Very cool video... 

_im_from_earth, Jun 07 2017 02:34

Such an awesome video! Really cool to see the man behind the machine...

deonkretch, Jun 07 2017 04:50

Made me smile :-)

Pointer, Jun 07 2017 05:07

This man got some mad skills

jughead_dave, Jun 07 2017 05:32

very cool, what a legend!!

Griffin, Jun 07 2017 06:37

Have met Greg on 2 or 3 occasions. Many riders at that level claim to be down-to-earth .. but not many are. Greg is the exception. As friendly as a neighbourhood kid but just oodles of talent! 

Tdog, Jun 07 2017 10:04

Homemade legend, fantastic clip. 

Akon, Jun 08 2017 06:49

Made me smile :-)

the end made me cry...

BigD, Jun 08 2017 09:47

epic, all round