Video: Andrew Neethling goes full circle

Andrew Neethling is a South African journeyman, champion, pioneer and ambassador of the downhill world cup mountain biking scene. He takes us back to where it all started at the foot of the Helderberg mountains.


Andrew has recently returned to where it all started - Helderberg, Somerset West, to open his own bike shop and build and maintain spectacular trails for all enthusiasts to use.


We spent some time with him and in this video, he breaks down what it was like in the early days when he travelled the world with his brother to races and building illegal trails to practice on.


Now that he has come full circle back to where he started, what is he up to and what are his plans in SA?


nox1111, Jan 12 2018 10:42

Lekker vid!

T-Bob, Jan 12 2018 11:15

Great vid, great shop, super nice guys and HB trails are looking good for sure. Wish I had more time to get up there and ride them more. Hope it's a raging success. 

Bos, Jan 12 2018 03:28

I remember these two laaities coming to my trails in Knysna 1995 during the Oyster festival. riding Kona bikes. Mom would sit in the shade next to the trail reading a magazine while we rode all day. They sure paid their dues and worked really hard to get where they are today. For some it just falls in their laps and the rest of us  work hard. They made it happen for themselves and I wish them all the best with their new venture. 

stringbean, Jan 12 2018 04:45

That village cycles jersey sure brings back memories. Welcome to a very very very tough industry,wish you and the bike shop only good things going forward. Perhaps some more info on the shop so we can pop in when I’m next on that side of the world?