Video: Bike Life - Spitzkoppe, Namibia

We love the process of adventure, the unexpected challenges and rewards. Our Namibian trip was way more rewarding than it was challenging. We flew out of Durban to catch a connecting flight from Johannesburg to Windhoek. In Windhoek, we met up with Patrick de Goede who runs Cycletec in Windhoek and operates bike tours into the Namibian countryside.


Connecting with Patrick was the best decision we could make, local knowledge goes a long way in efficiency and avoiding unnecessary issues.


Arriving at the Spitzkoppe, we were blown away by the scale of the rock structures! A bit nervous and unsure, we walked up the first section that looked ridable, and soon we had our confidence, spotting lines all over the place. Experiencing a new type of mountain biking, new terrain, and learning how our bikes best handled the granite surface was totally enjoyable.


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After the riding session, we grabbed a few beers and found a spot to watch the sun go down as we reminisced about our day.


Sitting around a campfire is mesmerising, looking up at the Namibian sky is enchanting. Out in the middle of the dessert there is ZERO light pollution and the intensity of the stars was next level. We thought it a good idea to not put up the tents and sleep out in the open, beside the fire, a decision that won’t easily be forgotten.


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How do I ride at Spitzkoppe?

The campsite in Spitzkoppe has no set structures besides a long drop, so be sure to plan accordingly and take all the necessary food, catering and camping equipment. There are a few 4x4/camping hire places close to the airport or in Windhoek to kit you out should you choose to go it alone.
  • Spitzkoppe is three hours drive from Windhoek.
  • South African passport holders do not need a visa to visit Namibia.
  • There is a fee for camping.
  • Tours can be arranged through
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Headshot, Aug 08 2016 11:21

Awesome spot. Camped there for a weekend many years ago. Hasn't changed a bit!

IH8MUD, Aug 08 2016 12:59

Patrick is the man!  :thumbup: