Video: Greg Minnaar - Putting It Together

In this mini documentary we follow Greg Minnaar, South African downhill legend, in his quest for his fourth rainbow jersey. He knows how to win it, he knows how to put it all together in the final run. It's his specialty. But can he do it again in Vallnord, Andorra, during the 2015 World Championships?


Bibi, Sep 08 2015 11:05

Greg is an inspiration to us all ... specially now at a time when we need good role models. He is a legend for sure. We are all proud of him.

Bibi, Sep 08 2015 12:11

What a gentleman !

KingTJ, Sep 08 2015 02:41

A true legend...

Bosbrommer, Sep 08 2015 08:34

Could not agree more! What an inspiration. Win or lose...he will always be a champion! 

BikeHub Plus, Sep 08 2015 08:56

Legend... And at least you can understand it all. Syndicate videos with ratboy need subtitles

mrbaker, Sep 08 2015 09:10

What a true champion!! The way he said he won silver really puts his character into perspective...

Stretch, Sep 09 2015 07:52

awesome video

RocknRolla, Sep 09 2015 04:44

so much of like...

nonky, Sep 09 2015 05:17

A true South African GREAT.

KarlvN, Sep 11 2015 10:49