Video: Making carbon rims with South Industries

World of Heroes spent a day with South Industries and went behind the scenes to see how carbon rims are produced.


fanievb, Apr 05 2016 02:19


Shebeen, Apr 05 2016 03:11


Matchstix, Apr 05 2016 03:43

#localislekker Very cool!

Hairy, Apr 05 2016 03:58


NE1L, Apr 05 2016 07:12

Awesome local is very definitely lekker

Jaws677, Apr 05 2016 07:20

That looks super easy , :-). Don't understand why it's so expensive :-)

Matchstix, Apr 05 2016 10:01

It is easy! Mad my own with masking tape.

lerouc, Apr 06 2016 05:22

That looks super easy , :-). Don't understand why it's so expensive :-)

exactly my thought and it only took 2mins including drinking coffee and riding at gspot with the new wheels.

GLuvsMtb, Apr 06 2016 07:23

And it only takes about 18 hours to fully assemble a car. The raw materials cant cost more than R20k. We're being screwed over hey!

stefmeister, Apr 06 2016 08:53

Ex works factory cost is usually around 10% of retail price, depending on what margins they run.

Guest, Apr 06 2016 09:30


Have watched the process in person folks and is a humbling experience to see my fellow countrymen doing what has been traditionally believed to be impossible and not viable. Well, there you have it! They sure are two local heroes and I'm super proud to sell, race and ride "HANDGEMAAK".


Big UPS to Nico, Stefan & Crew - yeeeeehaaaaa

Jakkals., Apr 07 2016 10:19

Has anyone bought from them? What was total cost?

Guest, Apr 07 2016 01:02

All the hoop models are R6990incl p/hoop 


27.5AM , 32H

29XC , 32H

29XC , 28H