Video: N1NO – The Hunt for Glory - Chapter 8 "Nino Bike Days"

We all know that Nino Schurter has a big bag of tricks- we see some of them in most World Cup races. In Chapter 8 of #HUNTFORGLORY, N1NO takes us to “Nino Bike Days”, an event where Nino gets to give back to his massive fan base teaching them a few tricks of their own. Every year at the end of the season, the 4 time XC World Champion puts his coaching hat on and spends time with mountain bikers of all ability levels. It’s a way for Nino to give others some of his MTB knowledge that he has accumulated over his career. The “Nino Bike Days” were held this year in Flims Laax, one of the many progressive mountain bike resorts in Switzerland, located just in Nino’s backyard.


LONE TWO, Nov 17 2015 09:11

I wouldn't mind going to something like this if some of the SA pros do it. Good job Nino

cadenceblur, Nov 19 2015 11:26

Awesome initiative!

Spez247, Nov 19 2015 11:37

I did spot Nico Pfitzen.... doing a skills clinic a few weeks back, at Riversands Market. Don't know if it was a corporate gig or not, but the riders were of different skill levels. Looked informative.

raptor-22, Nov 25 2015 09:36