Video of the Week - FLOW - The Elements of Freeride

Not all of us have backing sound tracks for our rides. But then again, not all of us have heads up displays either. A Darwinian approach to mountain biking.

Multiple award-winning and for good reason. It's a simple, elegant video with some really pretty animals and plants. Educational too. It just brings it back to what mountain biking is about: riding in nature.


heini, Nov 22 2013 02:10

Super Cool!!!!!

Izak, Nov 22 2013 02:14

The best is that sound of the beer opening and the massive smile on his face...
That, my friends, is why I ride!!! :thumbup:

ichnusa, Nov 23 2013 08:59

Different mtb vid... I like it!

flyluis, Nov 23 2013 09:05

Love it!!!

hvh, Nov 23 2013 09:16


BSG, Nov 23 2013 02:41

Now that's mountain biking

Tractor, Nov 23 2013 05:36

Can't help but smile - awesome!

Freek, Nov 26 2013 03:17

Ditto Izak - Love It!!

Pants Boy, Nov 26 2013 04:31

Love it!

ScottC-M, Nov 26 2013 04:48

perfect example of, less is more, brilliant