WATCH: Lenzerheide World Champs DH track preview

Johann Potgieter takes us down the Lenzerheide 2018 UCI MTB World Championships track.


Erroli8a8, Sep 07 2018 08:28

Go boy Go

Pipsqueak, Sep 07 2018 09:02

Nice Pottie!

Thermophage, Sep 07 2018 09:42

Why no 60FPS :( Sigh. Nice video, but once really can't see poo without a higher frame rate and/or gimbal

Headshot, Sep 07 2018 11:07


Mamil, Sep 07 2018 12:20

Everytime I finish a run on a world cup course I thank my stars I'm in one piece ... so nice to hear a quip like that

IcemanGP, May 25 2019 05:34

You see that first tree there ... thats me hugging it.