Backyard Bike Checks: Congratulations to Our Winners

Last month we launched our Backyard Bike Checks Competition, which saw hundreds of Hubbers showing off their prized bikes. We want to thank all the users that took part, as well as Muc-Off, who sponsored some fantastic prizes for the winners:

bike protect.jpg
Muc-Off Bike Protect
Muc-Off Bike Protect is the ultimate liquid bicycle protection. Preserve and freshen your bike with Bike Protect’s incredible water dispersing action! It’s a perfect ‘all over’, after-wash corrosion inhibitor due to its extremely high oil content.
(1 x can)
Nano Tech.jpgMuc-Off Nano Tech Bike cleaner
Using our state-of-the-art Nano Tech formula, Muc-Off cuts through grime quicker than you can say “OMG!” regardless of the weather or riding conditions.
(2 x bottles)
wet chain lube.jpg
Muc-Off Wet Chain Lube
Muc-Off Wet Chain Lube is an ultra durable, long distance bicycle chain lubricant and oil that’s been specifically formulated to excel over long distances in wet or muddy conditions.
(3 x bottles)

bonus prize.jpg

Bonus Prize

Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle
You will never go flat with the Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle. 'No Puncture' is designed and tested to be far superior to tradition vulcanised rubber repairs. 'No Puncture' is an anti-puncture device which instantly seals any hole up to 5mm in diameter.


Round 1: Duane Bosch

Round 2: Wayne Mol


Bonus Prize: johnson


Congratulations! Your prizes will be delivered once couriers are back to general service.


johnson, May 12 2020 01:16

Whoo-hoooo ! Bonus Prize.......Thanks a lot Nick, Matt, your crew and sponsors !

Waynemol, May 12 2020 01:54

I didn't know I had won a prize.  First time my bike has podiumed

'Dale, May 24 2020 06:57

Dunno why DB won the big prize as he's a runner...