Epic Photo Competition: The Prologue

On each day of the Absa Cape Epic, the team of skilled photographers create spectacular images for us to enjoy. Bike Hub will be holding a competition to recognise their hard work and give you the chance to win a signed copy of your favourite photograph.


Take a look at the selection of photographs from the Absa Cape Epic Prologue and vote for your favourite to go into the finals.

In the fairness of voting, the photographers will remain anonymous until the voting period has closed at 9PM today.

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Photo 1: Nick Muzik

Absa Cape Epic Photo Competition Prologue 3.jpg


Kristian Hynek of Topeak Ergon Racing wondering what happened out on the prologue course today. Luck seems like it's still not on their side!


Photo 2: Sam Clark

Absa Cape Epic Photo Competition Prologue 2.jpg


Five-time Cape Epic winner, Karl Platt has his sights set on another victory with partner Urs Huber for Team Bulls. A little off the winning pace today but it's still a long week ahead!


Photo 3: Ewald Sadie

Absa Cape Epic Photo Competition Prologue 1.jpg


Heila Meintjes and Nadine Pretorius ascending the hills around Meerendal with the early morning light casting rolling shadows across the barren wheat fields on a very warm and windless day in Cape Town.


Photo 4: Hoshi Yoshida

Absa Cape Epic Photo Competition Prologue 4.jpg


I was really lucky to get a spot in the helicopter that followed the top teams. Even though I had to shoot over the shoulder of the video guy I found a gap to snipe through. Just at the moment when Olympic Champion Nino Schurter appeared and started accelerating on the climb. He kept the high pace and ended up on the 2nd place with his team mate Matthias Stirneman.


Photo 5: Mark Sampson

Absa Cape Epic Photo Competition Prologue 5.jpg


Robyn de Groot pushing hard towards the end of the prologue at Meerendal.


Photo 6: Dom Barnardt

Absa Cape Epic Photo Competition Prologue 6.jpg


Olympic champion Nino Schurter cooling off after a hard fought second place.

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For more information on the Cape Epic Photo Competition and to meet the Absa Cape Epic photographers click here.


Iwan Kemp, Mar 20 2017 11:42

Nino looks like he's gone 10 rounds! Only 7 more days to go. 

Hilton., Mar 20 2017 12:15

Some awesome pics here. They likely won't read this, but keep up the great work guys!

Matt, Mar 22 2017 11:58

And the winner is: 

Photo 6: Dom Barnardt with 29.9% of the votes