Fantasy Tour: Rest Day 2 - Cadence Nutrition Hamper

It's the second rest day in the 2015 Tour de France and with it comes your last chance to bring in some substitutes. While the riders take a bit of a day "off" you've got some serious thinking to do.

Tomorrow's Stage 17 takes us into the Alps. The climbers and GC contenders will have to dig into their reserves should they want glory come Paris.


The question is who do you drop and who do you bring in?



Rest Day 2 Prize: Cadence Nutrition Hamper

On each of the rest days we'll be giving away a Cadence Hamper to one lucky participant in the Fantasy Tour. We'll pick a name from the hat at random to win this daily prize.


cadence nutrition hamper.jpg


Cadence Nutrition's range of nutritional supplements are formulated and designed by Science to Sport. These formulation have been developed in accordance to strict peer reviewed science. There is no ingredient within any Cadence Nutrition energy or recovery product that can be contested with regards to proven efficacy.


Understanding the stresses and physiological requirements of various forms of endurance exercise, they consider the various factors such as gastro-intestinal blood flow, substrate utilisation and numerous other factors that affect the suitability of any substance prior to its inclusion in Cadence Nutrition products.


Value: R 2,140.00


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