Giveaway: Garmin Edge 1030 cycling computer

Garmin SA is giving away an Edge 1030 cycling computer valued at R 11,999.00.

The Garmin Edge 1030 offers comprehensive navigation, performance, and cycling awareness features.


Garmin Edge 1030.jpg

Garmin Edge 1030 training.jpg




Albatross, Nov 06 2017 12:49

Looks like an awesome bit of kit, entered.

Shebeen, Nov 06 2017 07:59

R12k for a GPS... Someone is taking the piss big time here!

Shebeen, Nov 06 2017 08:02

My bad, I read the actual article. $600 actual price, and they wonder why guys buy grey product

mecheng89, Nov 22 2017 04:17

I so badly want this! Read up about the FirstBeat features it has, certainly take your training to the next level.



GrahamS2, Nov 27 2017 06:30

:) woo hoo!!

mecheng89, Dec 05 2017 12:42

So who won?