Giveaway: Onza Tires

Bike Hub will be having a series of giveaways in 2016. First up, we’re giving away Onza Tires to the value of R2,500.



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The winner can select between the Onza Canis and Ibex in the size and casing of their choices. The selection of tires will depend on stock and availability at the time and not exceed R2,500 in retail value.


Onza Canis

“Combining low rolling resistance with a lot of traction, the CANIS tread offers both the ferocity of a wolf and the reliability of your neighbor’s dog. That’s why the CANIS is the best friend for cross country but also all mountain riders.”


Onza Canis.jpg


Onza Ibex

“The IBEX known for fast, smooth and safe locomotion in mountainous terrain, and the tire named after it is no different: Thanks to its wide open tread, you do not need to compromise on either loose gravel or in wet conditions. No trail is too steep, no section too narrow and no root too slippery for this all round tire.”


Onza Ibex.jpg


Onza Citius

"When the conditions are dry and the courses dusty and blisteringly fast, rolling resistance is a decisive factor in downhill racing. To ensure our team riders can reach their maximum speeds, onza tires‘ Citius is the perfect tire choice! Available in a 2.4-inch width for 26 and 27.5 inch wheel sizes, this tire is designed for dry, shallow depth surfaces. The Citius (latin for “faster”) features densely packed knobs throughout its centre section for fast rolling performance. The tread on the tire’s shoulder offers plenty of traction to stick to the fastest line in corners and off-camber sections. Want to break some course records? The Citius is all you need."


Onza Citius.jpeg


For more information on these Onza tires, check out our reviews of the Onza Canis here and Onza Ibex here.


Entries close at 1pm on Friday, 5 February 2016. Voucher redeemable at you nearest Onza dealer.

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AlanD, Jan 26 2016 01:13

26er FR 60tpi please, just so you already know when i win :-)

Captain Fastbastard Mayhem, Jan 26 2016 01:14


Chip, Jan 26 2016 01:15

Great initiative...entered  :thumbup:

Eon du Plessis, Jan 26 2016 01:16


rouxtjie, Jan 26 2016 01:21

in it to win it

Paulst12, Jan 26 2016 01:21

pick me, pick me... pllleeeaasssee

partydave, Jan 26 2016 01:47


corriekuilder, Jan 26 2016 02:01

Done and dusted

Adrian Fogg, Jan 26 2016 02:15

These tyres are great i have them on my bike at the moment, another set would be awesome 

Surv0MTB, Jan 26 2016 02:18

Running two Onza's as well and love them.

Odinson, Jan 26 2016 02:19

Done and dusted.


Admin, here's a little something-something to sweeten my chances:



GerrieTruter, Jan 26 2016 02:25

I can do with some new tires. Done.

johannrissik, Jan 26 2016 02:28

They'd look very good on a certain tandem :)

Ysterperd, Jan 26 2016 02:31

As can I, with the current exchange rate mtb is becoming ridiculously expensive

varkie2, Jan 26 2016 02:36

Gimme Gimme some Lovin!

gwhite, Jan 26 2016 02:37


TheJ, Jan 26 2016 02:42

Nice way to find out an user's real first name and last name to link it to a Hub alias.

Bibi, Jan 26 2016 03:02

Great bunch of rider at RushSports ;)

jebro7, Jan 26 2016 03:09

Nice! Me wants!!!

Entry done!

Steven Knoetze (sk27), Jan 26 2016 09:46


Jaco Steyn, Jan 26 2016 09:54


NicoBoshoff, Jan 26 2016 09:57

Done and dusted.

Admin, here's a little something-something to sweeten my chances:


Oh look, a penny!

justanotherbiker, Jan 26 2016 10:24


BSG, Jan 27 2016 05:12

Done, need new rubber as well.
In 29" please, make it happen soonest please.[emoji108] [emoji605]

DJR, Jan 27 2016 07:31

Please send a Canis and an Ibex in 650B ASAP! :) Want to rip the knobby rubbish rubber off ASAP!