WIN an entry to Wines2Whales with Food Lover's Market

Food Lover’s Market is pumped and ready to partner with the FNB Wines2Whales, and we will be giving away two team entries to the Race!


We want to know what food fuels you when you ride, what gives you a boost to blow away the competition?

Wines2Whales with Food Lovers Market 2.jpg



The FNB Wines2Whales Race takes place from 3-5 November 2017 with each stage covering 70-80km. The race kicks off from the beautiful Lourensford Wine Estate in Somerset West, and finishes at the Onrust Caravan Park, just outside Onrus.


FLM will be providing food, snacks and other essentials in the Race Village at the Food Lover’s Market Rider Dining Marquee, as well as at all water points along the route. We have the perfect fuel for you to have the ride of your life.



If you win, you will get to make your trek through the mountains and winelands in one of the most scenic cycle races in the world. Entries have sold out so this is your last chance!


So, grab your bike, get pedaling and make Food Lover’s Market your go to choice when your energy needs a top up. See you at the race!


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Hilton., Oct 06 2017 08:03

There like a bear!

dirtypot, Oct 06 2017 08:29

There like a bear!

You can't win again!!

Pure Savage, Oct 06 2017 08:29

In the first pic, is that duct tape holding the shoe together???

TheJ, Oct 06 2017 09:49

In the first pic, is that duct tape holding the shoe together???


Possibly. I've had to do the same thing with an old pair of shoes because I couldn't find my "new" pair. Used insulation tape though.

Zeffer, Oct 06 2017 06:31


GingaNinja28, Oct 07 2017 08:25

In the first pic, is that duct tape holding the shoe together???

Brendan I couldn’t afford to lose one watt of power as I had Travis and Chris breathing down my neck.

Sidekick Racer, Oct 12 2017 10:49

Peanut butter sarmies for the win!

Shaun47, Oct 16 2017 12:21

who won?, Oct 19 2017 02:50

Hilton Rossenrode won the first week, I will be winning tomorrow. :)

Suidwes Boytjie, Oct 20 2017 12:03

Who is the 2nd winner? Or is it too early to ask?, Oct 20 2017 12:05

My name is not there yet, soon.

Matt, Oct 20 2017 02:14

Well done to our week 2 winner, Cuan Rootman.

Suidwes Boytjie, Oct 20 2017 02:23

Urghhh... so much for entering these competitions.  :(

Congrats man. Enjoy it!!!

mariletb, Oct 20 2017 02:40

Just a technical point here, the competition rules stated it must be a photo?

Nick, Oct 20 2017 05:15

A photo was also posted:


https://www.facebook...&type=3, Oct 21 2017 12:20

That’s irrelevant, the video won the competition.

dirtypot, Oct 27 2017 11:12

You can't win again!!


Can't believe that Hilton won a W2W competition again...   :(

Much green jealousy