Project BLACK: Part 2 - The Racer

Radical bike builds are not dissimilar from concept cars at motor shows. Last week’s Project BLACK build was a dream ‘weight weenie’ creation from the Momsen Bikes geeks, showing off the potential of the Momsen Bikes VIPA frame. This week’s bike is one for the out-and-out racers: if you’re aiming to be on the start line of a World Cup race or one of South Africa’s prestigious stage races, you’ll want to take notice of this special race build…

The difference between the Momsen VIPA’s Project BLACK series and the Paris Auto Show, is that one is just a pie in the sky with technology to one day filter down to our C-Class and 3-Series cars while the other is one you could potentially ride tomorrow. As “show stopping” as the concept of last week’s build was, it is available to Joe Public (at a hefty price, we’ll add). This VIPA build we’ll nickname “the racer” as it is as close to a Porsche 911 GT3 as is possible in bicycle terms we reckon.

One bike, three personalities.
It weighs in at a more worldly 9.60kg, and that is reportedly on par with the Kargo Pro MTB Team riders’ race rigs. As with the “weight weenie” build, this VIPA frame is a murdered out and offers a 40g weight saving thanks to sporting no paint or decals. It has been dressed with Momsen Design’s DOWNer 90mm carbon stem, UP/DOWN carbon 715mm wide handlebar, headset, seatclamp and Race Silicone grips.



A Rockshox SID World Cup fork and Fox CTD rear shock tame the trails with the VIPA’s low leverage ratio suspension and race-bred frame geometry. Adding even more racing edge to the package are Stan’s NoTubes impressive Valor carbon hoops and an almost full SRAM XX1 groupset with a lightweight KMC X11SL chain. A trusted Fizik saddle offers more weight saving punch and comfort, allowing you to focus on pounding the pedals to place your power to the Arisun/Momsen Tubeless Ready (TLR) tyres to bite into the gravel.

A real world race weapon? Yes. Real-world pace? You bet. A real South African flavour? Bonus. But, what is most appealing? The versatility of this South African “superbike.” That is one aspect of Project BLACK that cannot be bemoaned. Long live Proudly South African!



feetup, Aug 25 2014 07:19

Got to be the best build i have ever seen-really a sexy,clean,quality bike.

DJuice, Aug 25 2014 07:36

I have to agree!!!
If I could change something:
Front derailleur mount cover.

Beautiful bike!!!

Iwan Kemp, Aug 25 2014 07:37

Posted Image

A thing of beauty.

splat, Aug 25 2014 07:47

I thought that this one would have the RS-1.
Or at least a front & rear shock that worked off the same lockout switch.

kingalton, Aug 25 2014 08:19

What are the bottlecage holes on the toptube for? a type of "SWAT" system?

rock, Aug 25 2014 09:02

What are the bottlecage holes on the toptube for? a type of "SWAT" system?

ja, http://momsenbikes.c...ed-toptube-bags

ichops, Aug 25 2014 09:18

Bags on then top tube make me think "fun rider / newbie "

EdGe, Aug 25 2014 09:42

*logs onto AutoTrader to sell car*

rock, Aug 25 2014 09:52

Bags on then top tube make me think "fun rider / newbie "

worse.......triathletes :)

DJuice, Aug 25 2014 10:29

RS-1 would bump up the price substantially!
Agree with the lock-outs, I will flip them for the push locks to run underneath the handlebars.

Steven Knoetze (sk27), Aug 25 2014 10:42

The plain black looks wicked but also like a Chinese blank frame...
Top tube bolts are not to my liking either.
love those Valour wheels though.

MTB hooligan, Aug 26 2014 09:14

They just need to give it a sand blasted type finish Momsen logo, do it right and it won't add weight and people would know it's a Momsen and it would be beautiful!!! Anyone need a kidney?

Slowbee, Aug 26 2014 05:02

who uses lockouts ?

:eek: :whistling:

hollowchoc, Aug 27 2014 08:14

A question to the hubbers, what do you reckon this Vipa would cost? It looks flippin awesome...

DJuice, Aug 27 2014 08:31

My geuss will be R78000.

TheV, Aug 28 2014 10:35

Love the frame colour scheme, if they sold this frame "as-is" I would buy it.

Maybe they should sell this with an included Decal Pack, with different colours, and people can personalize it to their liking.

awesme, Sep 01 2014 06:53

This frame is moving up my next build list quickly, competing against another "Not Available yet" frame.

now to justify why to myself and then to the bank.


awesme, Sep 01 2014 06:57

Comment/posting seems to have disappeared, lets try again (saying no permission).

I'm no fan of SRAM, make that Shimano is normally my first choice, and well I know them

But those brakes with the integrated RockShox fork lockout is hot.