All-new FOX Transfer seatpost

The all-new Transfer seatpost features an infinitely adjustable design with the choice of internal or external cable routing, three drop options, and two lever designs. Low lever force and great modulation make it easy to regulate return speed and small height adjustments.

Fox Transfer.jpg

  • Low lever force provides consistent actuation pressure even with saddle weighted or unweighted
  • Two remote options: Left side below bar (for 1x) or Left/Right on bar (for 2x/3x)
  • Cable actuated with tool-free quick disconnect for easier installation and removal
  • 30.9 or 31.6 diameter
  • Drop options: 4in (100 mm), 5in (125 mm), 6in (150 mm)
  • Factory Series models feature Genuine Kashima Coat upper post
  • Performance Series models feature black anodized upper post





Remote Lever Options

remote-under-bar.jpgLeft side below bar (for 1x).

remote-over-bar.jpgLeft/Right on bar (for 2x/3x).


Transfer Factory post – $314 USD
Transfer Performance post - $264 USD
Remote only (1x or 2x/3x) - $65 USD


Cable routing options:

Fox Transfer cable routing options.jpeg

The cable end connects at the bottom of the seatpost to ease installation and post removal.

The cable housing stop can be reoriented approximately 60 degrees forward or rearward from the original inline position to allow for the smoothest possible routing.

Installation and setup are made easy with tool-free cable disconnect and this Setup Guide.


Internal Post

Fox Transfer Internal post diagram.jpeg
  • Spool Valve design offers great modulation, making it easy to regulate return speed and control small height adjustments
  • All hydraulic internals are housed in the upper post, creating a lighter, more integrated design
  • Larger diameter hydraulic system translates to lower internal pressures, providing better durability and lighter actuation force at the lever
  • Other brands use cartridge designs with smaller internals
  • Mechanical linkage of the Actuation Assembly further decreases lever force

External Post

Fox transfer external diagram.jpeg
  • Benefits from same hydraulic and lever design features as Internal post
  • Fixed External Actuation Pulley on lower post

Spool Valve

  • Hydraulic design features large diameter Piston and Spool Valve to regulate seatpost movement
  • Larger Piston design lessens the force required at the lever and improves durability
  • Spool Valve integrates a Pressure Relief Valve for an extremely durable design
FOX Transfer Spool Valve.jpeg

Spool Valve Closed: Glide Bands on Spool Valve block oil from moving through flow ports.

Spool Valve Open: Spool Valve and Glide Bands move up, allowing oil to move through flow ports. Oil can flow in either direction when open.

Pressure Relief Valve

  • Automatically relieves large pressure variances across Piston
  • Eliminates pressure spikes and adjusts for thermal expansion in the system
  • Maintains consistent action during heavy use, cold riding temperatures and extreme elevation changes
  • Extremely durable design
Fox Transfer pressure relief valve.jpeg


When pressure above the Piston is much greater than pressure below the piston, the Pressure Relief Valve will open. Oil will flow through a small port in the Spool Valve to balance the system.



Longstreet, Jun 07 2016 05:14


Captain Fastbastard Mayhem, Jun 07 2016 05:16

Not a bad price at all...

FCH, Jun 07 2016 05:19

way better price than reverb; but still almost 2grand more than Giant's. 

AlanD, Jun 07 2016 05:58

This is cool but still rather pricey compared to giants offering and they both mechanically actuated. Like the kashima option, what benefit does this guve over the anodized version?

(Deon), Jun 07 2016 06:04

This is cool but still rather pricey compared to giants offering and they both mechanically actuated. Like the kashima option, what benefit does this guve over the anodized version?


Matchstix, Jun 07 2016 06:07

Like the external routing since there will be no cable movement

Thermophage, Jun 07 2016 07:09

More important to know whether it will ever be available locally? ....

Garethley, Jun 08 2016 09:34

What is the price for this. i dont see a price anywhere?

Chavo, Jun 08 2016 10:02

What is the price for this. i dont see a price anywhere?

Only available pricing is in USD at the moment. $379 for the Factory post and $329 for the Performance post. That includes the cost of the lever. Local availability and pricing TBC

Headshot, Jun 08 2016 01:01


I think the colour is the only thing you will notice - so Fox Kash fork owners will pay a premium to match their forks while RS owners will get a cheaper match :-)

johnson, Jul 05 2016 10:16

Does anybody know if or when these will be available in sunny South Africa ?