All-new SuperSix EVO gets the aero treatment, still lightweight

Cannondale today announced the launch of the all-new SuperSix EVO – a dramatic evolution of their classic road racing machine. Redesigned to significantly reduce aerodynamic drag, while staying true to its light, smooth and agile roots, it’s a pure road bike built to help the modern rider fly.



Aerodynamic efficiency has a huge affect on speed and performance in cycling, so reducing drag on the new SuperSix EVO was a priority. But it was equally important that the new bike retain the light weight, responsiveness and composed ride that made the previous iterations so successful. Nathan Barry, Cannondale Design Engineer


To balance the competing demands of light weight and aerodynamics, the new SuperSix EVO utilizes a new family of highly truncated airfoil tube shapes that greatly reduce drag, while delivering equal or better weight, stiffness and ride feel than the former frame. These fast tube shapes are a key part of the sleek system-integrated design, where the frame, fork, seatpost, bar, stem and wheels are engineered to work together for optimal performance. It all adds up to a bike that will save a rider a full 30 watts of power at 48 km/h (30 mph) over the previous version, making it the fastest of the lightweight road bikes currently available.


The frame features highly truncated airfoil tube shapes that offer the same weight, and equal or better stiffness, than round tubes, but reduce drag by up to 30%.

C20_SuperSixEVO_Routing_777_low-res.jpgHidden Cable Routing On the disc versions, brake lines route through an opening in the front of the headtube for minimal drag and headache-free serviceability.
C20_SuperSixEVO_ClearlyCapable_728_low-res.jpgClearly Capable The new frame design has clearance for some seriously big rubber. The disc versions will fit 30mm tires with tons of clearance, for extra comfort and capability on any kind of road.


Key Benefits

  • Less Drag. More Speed. 30 watts. That's how much power the drag- reducing tube shapes and integrated design of the new SuperSix EVO saves over the prior version at 30 mph (48.3 km/h). Fast just got faster.
  • Feel the Light. The lightest disc brake road frameset that Cannondale has ever made. The new SuperSix EVO is ready to throw down when the grade goes up.
  • Swift and Sure. Racy geometry and stiffness for explosive speed. Better micro-suspension and big tyre clearance for surprising smoothness. It all adds up to precise handling and a ride-feel that’s out of sight.
For more details and testing data on the SuperSix EVO see Cannondale’s Take Flight Technical Paper at


SuperSix EVO Technology

Since its inception, SuperSix EVO has been known for its elegantly smooth ride quality, and the new one is even smoother. The new SAVE rear stays, integrated binder and 27 KNØT seat post increase compliance by up to 18%. The frame has space to run 30mm tires with plenty of clearance, and the new SAVE bar offers bump absorbing deflection and less aero drag, for more comfort, control and speed over less than perfect road surfaces.


SuperSix EVO has always been known for its elegantly smooth ride quality, and the new one is even smoother. The new SAVE rear stays, integrated binder and KNØT 27 seat post increase compliance by 18%.


C20_SuperSixEVO_SYSTEMBAR_890_low-res.jpgHollowGram SAVE SystemBar Thin bar profile absorbs shock and reduces drag for better comfort and speed. Two-piece design allows interchangeability and 8° of pitch adjustment to perfectly fine-tune rider position.
C20_HG45_845_low-res.jpgHollowGram 45 KNØT Wheels An evolution of our wide, ultra-fast, low-drag rim profile with a light, versatile 45mm depth. Maintains high aerodynamic efficiency even with big tires.


The HollowGram 45 KNØT Wheels are an evolution of Cannondale’s wide, low-drag rim profile, with a light, versatile 45mm depth. They are one of the fastest all-around race wheelsets in the world, and they maintain exceptional aerodynamic efficiency even with big tires, opening up possibilities for more speed in more places than ever.


The SuperSix EVO also offers riders a new way to connect with their bike and the ride experience. Cannondale connected technology seamlessly pairs an integrated wheel sensor with the new Cannondale App to deliver hyper-accurate speed, route and distance info, as well as provide curated information about their bike, send detailed service reminders and more all through their smartphone.


With thoughtful details like ready-to-activate Power2Max power meters, fast and convenient Speed Release thru-axles and easy-to-service internal cable routing, the SuperSix EVO is a pure road bike through and through, and it’s ready to fly.


The disc versions feature Speed Release thru-axles for faster, easier wheel changes. Compatible with most standard thru-axle wheelsets.


C20_SuperSixEVO_Connected_824_low-res.jpgConnected. An integrated wheel sensor delivers hyper accurate speed, route and distance info, registers your bike, reminds you of needed service and more, all through the free Cannondale App.
C20_Si_P2M_803_low-res.jpgPower2Max Power Meter. Light, accurate and reliable Power2Max spider-based power meters are included on some models. Turn it on with a one-time activation fee and start getting faster. It's power made easy.


SuperSix EVO Geometry

SuperSix EVO Geometry.png


Model selection in South Africa:

SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod Disc Dura Ace (Agave)


C20_C11550M_SuperSix_Crb_Disc_Ult_BBQ_PD_high-res.jpgSuperSix EVO Carbon Disc Ultegra (BBQ)
C20_C11600M_SuperSix_Crb_Ult_2_BPL_PD_low-res.jpgSuperSix EVO Carbon Ultegra (Black Pearl)
C20_C11750M_SuperSix_Crb_105_BBQ_PD_high-res.jpgSuperSix EVO Carbon 105 (BBQ)


VolkAdik, Jun 28 2019 03:42

Nice profiles, but the colors look monochrome at best. Thought there was something wrong with my monitors color settings.

shaper, Jun 28 2019 04:06

Colour scheme very similar to the 3T Strada, as you say, not really inspiring!

MDJ, Jun 28 2019 04:23

Love the new design, but agreed on the color schemes - would be nice to have something a bit more interesting. The feature I've most been waiting for on 2020 bikes 'Hidden Cable Routing' - SA SuperSix model selection "only the exposed cable options" - *WTF*

gummibear, Jun 28 2019 04:37

Colour scheme very similar to the 3T Strada, as you say, hot really inspiring!

Thought i'd clicked on the wrong link and was looking at new 3T range.

gummibear, Jun 28 2019 04:43

Probably the nicest looking and also the most expensive in the range.



DieselnDust, Jun 29 2019 09:39

More interesting colour schemes would be been gret9. As it stands Bogus is going to be getting a lot of work

psychling, Jun 29 2019 02:56

Got to agree gents...awesome looking bike and great advancement for the new look supersix...Bogus must be loving this😁 but the deal breaker is definately the no show on SA shores of the cableless variant.What a bummer cannondalesa

Clinton H, Jun 30 2019 11:43

Sies, gets my vote for the most boring bike of 2019 !
It’s about as exciting as a Monday morning meeting....

Clinton H, Jun 30 2019 11:43

Sies, gets my vote for the most boring bike of 2019 !
It’s about as exciting as a Monday morning meeting....

BaGearA, Jun 30 2019 06:55

If i ever got A road bike it would probably be this 

Furbz, Jul 01 2019 07:42

I've seen a lot of talk about this being a really light bike, but no numbers are available? Anyone?

Pure Savage, Jul 01 2019 09:23

I've seen a lot of talk about this being a really light bike, but no numbers are available? Anyone?

7.1kg for a 51cm

Schnavel, Jul 01 2019 10:33

7.1kg for a 51cm


That's really not that light for a claimed "super light" bike.


A Spez Tarmac Sworks disc in 56cm, with bottle cages, multi tool and pedals weighs 6,8kg. The weight listed above by Pure Savage will be without these items...

J Wakefield, Jul 01 2019 11:35

7.1kg for a 51cm


For which model? DA model lighter than that.

'Dale, Jul 01 2019 01:24

I'll take on in these colours with some SRAM