BMC announce the Timemachine Road

Designed to deliver maximum efficiency for the most powerful riders during all-out sprints and accelerations, the new Timemachine Road features key innovations like an aerodynamically perfected frame, a class-leading integrated with a ICS Aero cockpit and the all-new Aero Module re-purposes hydration and storage elements for aerodynamic performance elements through a functionally integrated design. A pure breed of sculptured design and stealthy engineering, the Timemachine Road stakes ownership of the tarmac with overarching aero integration for WorldTour-winning speed.

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Aero Module: the sum of functional integration

BMC’s Aero Module uniquely integrates functional components of hydration and storage into the pursuit of the most aerodynamic configuration for real-world riding. This Aero Module concept came to life after in-depth CFD analysis made it clear that conventional bottle cages pose a major obstacle to the efficiency of aero road bikes, already causing airflow separation at very low yaw angles. BMC’s all-new Aero Module literally eliminates the problem, blending hydration and storage elements into a modular system and repurposing them to improve the bike’s aerodynamic performance while maintaining their functionality. Therefore, the Time-machine Road is optimized for aerodynamic performance with two 550ml water bottles and the integrated frame storage unit in place on the bike. The Aero box is removable to comply with UCI fairing regulations. Additionally, the TMR integrates the Shimano Di2 junction box into the downtube for ease of use and accessibility.


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ICS: A dedicated Aero cockpit with a no-compromise fit

Integration is at the heart of BMC innovations: every component of the Timemachine Road is integrated into the stealth system design with the purpose of delivering free speed to the rider. The new ICS Aero cockpit delivers maximum integration is achieved through its minimal frontal area and its stealth cable routing for reduced drag without limiting functionality and while delivering total adjustability and the convenience of integrated computer mounts. The Kamm-tail profile seatpost is constructed to complement the aerodynamic performance of the Timemachine Road, while providing a wide range of adjustability.


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BMC's engineers have created something extraordinary with the groundbreaking Time-machine Road. “For a comprehensive assessment of the aerodynamic performance of the Timemachine Road 01 in a controlled environment, we conducted several test sessions on the track with different types of riders,” explains Stefan Christ, Head of BMC R&D. “Through an identical test environment we were able to compare the Timemachine Road 01 directly with the Teammachine SLR01, and several hours and kilometers later the new Timemachine Road 01 provided consistent and measurable power savings for all types of riders.” The new Timemachine Road was not only tested on track and road, it was put through its paces through extensive in-depth aero modeling, obsessively refined through CFD simulations and wind tunnel sessions but was also tested in real-world riding. The uncompromising machine is ready to satisfy the rider’s desire for speed, quality and precision.


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Speed Compliance

BMC’s dedicated Tuned Compliance Concept (TCC) Speed technology dampens road vibrations for a smooth and efficient ride. TCC Speed is all about performance, a compliance system designed to optimize power transfer and rolling resistance on every road surface, achieving peak speeds for extended periods of time. The carbon layup of the Timemachine Road filters road vibration through the fork and the dropped seatstays design to improve power transfer efficiency while the flattened shapes of the ICS Aero stem deliver comfort and control without affecting aerodynamic performance. TCC Speed is a key feature of Time-machine Road, a solution built to minimize fatigue and help riders produce consistent power outputs over extended efforts.


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Sizing, Geometry, and Models

The new Timemachine Road is available in the following models: Timemachine Road 01 ONE, Timemachine Road 01 TWO, Timemachine Road 01 THREE and Timemachine Road 01 Module and available in sizes 47cm, 51cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, 61cm across the entire range.


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