BMC launch the Agonist for XC endurance riders

With the launch of the all-new, Agonist mountain bike, BMC Switzerland caters to ambitious XC endurance riders who live to challenge and reward themselves by pushing it to the max. Whether a solo ‘man against mountain’ session, pinning on a race number or being the first among friends to the top or bottom of a hill - true Agonist riders want to get the most out of themselves. Now they have a bike that will bring them there. The Agonist is the true companion for long days on the bike, designed to instill confidence in its riders while still providing a dynamic ride feel.



Inspired by the Greek concept ‘Agon’ meaning anything can be achieved through effort, healthy rivalry and noble competition, and the idea of opposing muscle groups working together toward one purpose – the Agonist has been designed to withstand as much pressure as its riders place on themselves. Its endurance-tuned and optimized Advanced Pivot Suspension (APS) provides extra traction and comfort for demanding rides in the mountains, while its Big Wheel Concept (BWC) provides stability and control.


“The Agonist is the perfect bike for those who love to push themselves to the point of exhaustion, whether against others or against themselves. Our goal was to create the perfect endurance machine for the mountains,” says Conrad Glassey, Head of Product, BMC Switzerland.


BMC Agonist 2.jpg


Tuned APS Suspension to meet the demands of Endurance-orientated Mountain bikers

BMC’s suspension solution, Advanced Pivot System (APS), is an adaptable, versatile concept that has been re-invented, tweaked and applied over and over again to its full-suspension mountain bikes since it was first invented more than a decade ago. For the Agonist, APS has been tuned to be firm and efficient when climbing, yet sensitive and active for controlled downhills.




According to Antoine Lyard, BMC Switzerland MTB Product Manager “As far as we know, no other suspension system out there combines contradictory functions as good as APS. Thanks to APS, we were able to design a lightweight frame that can compete with XCO race machines, while providing the comfort and control demanded by the more endurance-orientated rider. APS keeps the suspension active and efficient so riders can benefit from every bit of the 110mm of travel offered, while when required, it is relatively firm, thus maximizing pedaling efficiency. So riders get the best of both worlds.”


BMC Agonist Geometry.jpg


BMC’s Big Wheel Concept Re-applied

Years of engineering expertise and knowledge gained from creating some of the world’s fastest mountain bikes, combined with a clear understanding of the endurance mountain biker’s needs lead BMC to the specific application of its Big Wheel Concept to the Agonist. A slack head angle and long front-centre provide extra control and improve stability on high-speed descents. The Agonist’s cockpit comprises of a short stem combined with wide handlebars for increased confidence on technical trails. Rider positioning has been carefully examined, and the Agonist’s low standover height across the entire model line increases confidence on the trail.


BMC Agonist 1.jpg


High-level, Functional Integration

All cables on the Agonist are neatly hidden between the rear triangle and the main frame which cleverly keeps bearings clean. The Agonist’s molded downtube and chainstay guards keep the frame safe from impacts and contribute to its refined, minimalistic look. IP cable routing throughout the frame prevents rattling, while internal carbon guide tubes make it easy to service. BMC engineers didn’t miss an opportunity to enhance functionality, and with an internal, remote suspension control, just a flick of a lever and riders are quickly in the desired ride mode.




The Agonist will be ready to order through BMC Retailers very soon.



BMC Agonist 01

AGONIST_02_ONE_White.jpgBMC Agonist 02 White

AGONIST_02_TWO_Carbon-Red.jpgBMC Agonist 02 Carbon


Hardi, Jun 14 2017 10:00

so its like a Scott?

Lighthouse, Jun 14 2017 10:15

Liewe Kersfees Vader.....

Mechcal, Jun 14 2017 10:46

so its like a Scott?

Nothing like a Scott, Scott is single pivot frame. This is a DW-Link style suspension.

Veloguy, Jun 14 2017 12:01

Yass! Very nice.

leaboy, Jun 14 2017 12:54

wonder how many millions it'll be

Heel Drop, Jun 14 2017 01:09

wonder how many millions it'll be

extra bond or 30% balloon  over 7 years - cmon own it you deserve it - buy it it you you know you want to 

pellieg, Jun 14 2017 01:13

Nothing like a Scott, Scott is single pivot frame. This is a DW-Link style suspension.

So like Giant  

DJuice, Jun 14 2017 01:29

Would like too see the cable transfer between the two triangles.


Looks very nice!

Super clean.


WOW, think I should play lotto

koukie, Jun 14 2017 02:14

Nothing like a Scott, Scott is single pivot frame. This is a DW-Link style suspension.

Clearly I dont understand suspension as this looks pretty much the same as Scott's suspension?


Edit: On the pics above you cant really see the pivots down at the BB. It looks very much like a single pivot design. On other photos the pivots are more visible.

RyanD, Jun 14 2017 08:19

Gosh that looks magnificent.

Fauret, Jun 15 2017 08:37

Great looking bike. Like the DT Swiss "Twinlock" Remote

pinitmupet, Jun 15 2017 09:42

When will they get that frigen lock out cable gone! like the Brain fork