Canyon announce the Grail gravel bike

Gravel. All road. New road. Adventure. It's not about the name, it's about the opportunities it opens up. Whether to access remote riding spots or simply leave the traffic behind, more people than ever before are combining dirt and pavement to get their riding fix.

Canyon Grail CF SLX 8 Di2


There is plenty that’s open to interpretation when it comes to building the “perfect” gravel bike. From adapted road frames to mechanical suspension components evolved from mountain bikes, focus in this area has often been a little blurry. Off road or on road? Pick one, because you can’t have both. Until now.


The search for a bike that’s nimble on the smooth and stable on the rough inspired Canyon to find the sweet spot between speed and comfort. The all-new Grail is their most adventurous road development ever, adopting a no-holds-barred approach to design and engineering to create a bike that turns heads and opens up a whole new world of riding potential.


Canyon Grail CF _10.jpg


Comfort was the area Canyon engineers set high sights on to give the Grail its all-terrain talents. To help neutralise the increase in shocks and vibrations that hit the moment you turn off the tarmac, they came up with the Hover System. Focusing on key contact points including a truly unique integrated cockpit, proven VCLS 2.0 seat post technology and the latest tyre and rim systems, the Grail is built to float across beaten-up surfaces all day long, without beating up the rider.


The Hover Bar.


The Grail’s most striking element is the Hover Bar. Its unique double-decker configuration was born to better meet rider demands of a bar that is compliant on the tops for added comfort cruising across rough surfaces, and stiffer on the drops when sprinting or descending. The floating Flex Area exploits carbon’s elastic properties to gently deflect and absorb chatter and vibrations being transmitted through to the rider. Adding only 120 g to a conventional cockpit setup, the Hover Bar is lighter than alternative suspension systems and comes free from any maintenance or reliability concerns.


R_Grail CF SLX RO61_Cockpit side view.jpg

R_Grail CF SL_Fork.jpg

_0004_Grail CF SLX DB 8_0 Di2_Fi Aliante R3+S15.jpg

Several features across the Grail take rider control to the next level. Its extended wheelbase creates a super stable ride, while the mountain bike-inspired cockpit dimensions with short effective stem length and wide bars deliver the agility needed whenever things get technical. All Grail models come equipped with high volume 40 mm Schwalbe G-ONE Bite tyres matched to a minimum 22 mm internal width tubeless-ready rims, enabling riders to drop the pressure for high levels of traction.


To create a bike as capable on-road as it is off it, Canyon engineers applied their extensive expertise in developing race-winning carbon performance to keep weight down and stiffness high. In a size medium, the top-line Grail CF SLX frame tips the scales at just 830 grams yet is tough enough to handle the punishment that comes from riding off-road. Two-by Shimano drivetrains with new low 1:1 gear ratios provide the huge range needed to tackle a variety of terrains without having to work around large jumps between gears. Finally, for riders looking to head off-grid, Canyon partnered with Topeak to come up with a lightweight and rugged bikepacking setup tailored specifically to the Grail.


Canyon Grail CF SLX 8 Di2

grail-cf-sl-8_c1281.jpgCanyon Grail CF SL 8

grail-cf-sl-7_c1280.jpgCanyon Grail CF SL 7




jagged_horizons, Mar 15 2018 02:24

Its not pretty....

Schnavel, Mar 15 2018 02:44

But why?


Who decided that looked good and sent it out for production?

madbradd, Mar 15 2018 02:50

That handlebar..... not a fan...

mountainfun, Mar 15 2018 02:51

Wow, I think it's revolutionary!  Truly thinking outside the box.

Canyon makes awesome bikes, and I think this baby will ride like a dream.

Shebeen, Mar 15 2018 03:35

Its not pretty....

I think it is.

carbon gravel to be designed well.

Mongoose!, Mar 15 2018 03:35

Makes me think of GCN.... hack forward slash bodge...


me think it is a bodge... :ph34r:

Shebeen, Mar 15 2018 03:45

this is from their cx rangeccs-2-0-54860600-1510906217.jpg

Stumbles, Mar 15 2018 03:46

I think it looks awesome..

Mongoose!, Mar 15 2018 03:51

But why?


Who decided that looked good and sent it out for production?


an engineer with no cycling background perhaps.

NickGM, Mar 15 2018 04:11

I think it looks awesome..

What's it like working for Canyon?

shaper, Mar 15 2018 04:14

Schmorglebot, Mar 15 2018 04:27

Now if we could just move that stem to the aeroad frame we'd have something special

madbradd, Mar 15 2018 04:29

Makes me think of GCN.... hack forward slash bodge...


me think it is a bodge... :ph34r:


Seen on another forum: "Looks like it belongs on the back of a Honda Civic"

lechatnoir, Mar 15 2018 05:30

I'm a Canyon fanboi, but this displeases me. That gearing would be nice up Ouberg Pass this weekend though...