Cycliq Fly6 now available in South Africa

Cycle Factory Shop is excited to announce the launch of the new and improved Fly6 tail-light / HD camera combo.

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Fly6 is the first HD camera and tail-light combo designed specifically for cyclists. The innovative safety device replaces your existing tail-light and records what happens behind you in real-time. The name Fly6 blends two phrases: "A fly on the wall," for watching and listening where you normally can't, and "6", which is the military term for "your back" (as in 6 o'clock).


"The original Fly6 has been widely received by the cycling community, making its way onto thousands of bikes in just a short time," says Andrew Hagen, CEO of FlyLites. "It was also recently the recipient of a major industry award from Outside Magazine. The new version builds on the device's existing safety features while decreasing its footprint. The Fly6 makes a great gift for the avid cyclist."


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Building on the very successful launch, the new Fly6 is 20% smaller than the first version, measuring just 87mm high and weighing 113g. It also offers up to 50% brighter light output and up to six hours run time. In addition, the camera sensor and lens has been upgraded to provide better low light image capture. Like its predecessor, it features 1020 x 720 HD camera footage, audio recording, and looping record for set and forget use; a USB-rechargeable battery; and Nano Technology for withstanding wet conditions. The Fly6 also integrates incident capture technology, which ensures important footage isn't looped over in the event of a serious incident.


In rigorous testing, the Fly6 bike light and camera has proven more than capable of capturing car license plates–which gives cyclists who’ve experienced road rage some leverage against bullying drivers. Instead of just wheeling the crumpled bike home and breathing a sigh of thanks that they’re still alive, victims of a hit and run have some concrete evidence to bring to the authorities.


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Fly6 comes with everything you need to start out-of-the-box, including an 8 GB Class 10 microSD card, two seat post mounts for use on two bikes, and an Aero seat post adaptor. It is suitable for commuting, racing, MTB, touring, and peloton riding, recording what's going on behind you so you can enjoy the road ahead. The device recently won the Interbike 2014 Outside Magazine's Gear of the Show Award for the accessory category.


Build-in features of the Fly6

  • 720p Video & audio recording from behind in crisp HD means FLY6 has your back, leaving you to enjoy your ride or commute.
  • With a seriously increased light output of up to 30 lumens, Fly6 does everything possible to ensure playback is only ever for pleasure and not incident
  • With up to 6 hours of camera and light function the challenge will be who has the longest battery - you or Fly6
  • Using the latest nanotechnology, Fly6 is safeguarded against any wet weather nature can throw at it
  • Every Fly6 is shipped with an 8GB microSD class 10 memory card pre-installed, so you can be up and running straight out of the box

This precision device, has been tested and proven to accurately record both very clear high definition video and audio of what happens behind cyclists. It is available exclusively for purchase through Cycle Factory Shop. They can be contact on (021) 552 8285, or click HERE to buy now. Special introductory offer includes free shipping anywhere in South Africa.


"Everybody has been talking about...Fly6", Cyclelicious | "Just what cyclists need", Chicago Bicycle Advocate | "As motorists become they behave accordingly", Bike Radar | "Smart addition to a biker's safety kit", Gadget Review | "...making drivers think twice about cutting up cyclists in the first place", Tech Crunch



Gandalf, Mar 30 2015 08:18

That video though, joh

Cycle Factory, Mar 30 2015 09:48

That video though, joh


There are some happy ones as well, but yes, amazing what goes on behind us!

MintSauce, Mar 30 2015 10:19

This is a great product, but not something I'd sign up for necessarily. Nonetheless, it is taking things in the right direction. I feel the same way about the Backtracker. I don't feel it offers enough to convince me to buy.

Give me something that warns me about a car that is about to hit me and I'll buy it on the spot.

But again, I think it's awesome that these products are being developed and it's just a matter of time until they're integrated into the product I would see enough value in to be willing to purchase.

Spoke101, Mar 30 2015 08:20

R 2450.00 is a fair amount to invest in a rear facing camera!!!

hydrobum, Mar 30 2015 10:13

That's why I rather stick to trials and not the open road. Take my chances with the deer than a car.

Pure Savage, Mar 30 2015 11:50

That's why I rather stick to trials and not the open road. Take my chances with the deer than a car.

The deer and the oke in the bushes with a gun. Lets keep this on topic.

You can just sit at home all day then don't have to take chance with car or deer. Each to their own, an advancement in tech to save lifes is always a good step in right direction.

Cycle Factory, Mar 31 2015 04:38

Another one for you guys


GoLefty!!, Mar 31 2015 05:54

to much rearward weight bias...

Cycle Factory, Apr 13 2015 02:59

We are happy to announce that thanks to an international price adjustment we are able to lower the price of The Fly6 to R1999.


You can click HERE to order one


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