First Look: Industry Nine's Trail S

Industry Nine, an innovative cycling components manufacturer in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is pleased to announce the Torch Trail S mountain bike wheelset. The Trail S offers outstanding performance, and quality Industry Nine craftsmanship at a class leading value. This wheelset was designed from the ground up to provide the features Industry Nine Torch Series wheels are known for – high engagement hubs, excellent stiffness-weight ratio, easy endcap compatibility, and modern tubeless-ready rims. As with all Industry Nine wheelsets, every pair of Trail S wheels is Handmade in Asheville, NC.

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Building on the well-received lineup of Torch Mountain system complete wheelsets, the Torch Trail S utilizes proven Torch Mountain hub and rim technology configured for straight-pull steel spokes - allowing a wider range of riders to experience Industry Nine’s legendary wheelsets. Dressed in an attractive black and silver colour way, the Trail S provides a classic aesthetic and an improvement in performance riders will appreciate immediately.


The Hub

The heart of the Trail S is an all-new hub design - Industry Nine’s first straight-pull steel spoke mountain bike hubset. Trail S wheelsets employ a 28 hole stacked hub flange maximising the spoke bracing angle to increase lateral stiffness. Spokes are laced tangentially to the hub flange, which promotes long term durability, since opposing spoke forces cancel each other out, removing most of the spoke stress from the hub flanges. This also allows greater control over bearing press tolerances during the machining phase of hub production, since the hub shell is not under tension.


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Internally, Torch S-series hubs employ three A2 tool steel pawls and 60 tooth drivering, which are cut with a wire EDM process for exceptional accuracy and strength. This provides a 6 degree/60 point engagement range, allowing for exceptional power transfer and responsiveness in technical terrain. The S-series hubs featured on the Trail S utilize established and proven Torch Mountain system components. Axles, seals, endcap kits, drivering, pawls, and bearing sizes are shared throughout the Industry Nine Mountain, Fatbike and Torch Classic Flanged Mountain hub lineup allowing for easy access to replacement parts. S-series hubs are also directly compatible with Industry Nine’s existing 6 pawl freehubs (which are available as an upgrade option).


Tying the hub and rims together, the Trail S wheels utilize Sapim Race butted spokes and Secure Lock DS nipples for years of problem free use and near universal serviceability.


The Rims

To complete the package, Trail S wheels feature an all-new rim profile. Featuring design elements introduced with our premium aluminium spoked Torch Mountain System wheelsets, the new Trail S rim is the perfect balance of weight, width, and features. Making use of 6000 series Performance Alloy, the Trail S complements modern mountain bike tires with dimensions that provide excellent tire support and a competitive weight. Sporting a 24.5mm inner width, 28.5mm outer width, minimal bead hooks, and an optimized bead seat profile, the new Trail S rims offer exceptional tire performance with or without tubes. Wheels ship ready to ride with Industry Nine tubeless tape and valves installed. Trail S rims feature laser etched graphics, which offer a refined and neutral aesthetic that complements any bike.


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Industry Nine is keenly aware of the need for products to achieve a combination of quality, serviceability, and performance at a great value. The Torch Trail S is the solution to the rider wanting made in the US quality, and proven Torch Series refinements - all in an approachable complete wheelset package. Quality. Performance. Value. Pick all three with Industry Nine Trail S.


Common hub configurations are available from your local Industry Nine dealer and select online retailers now. Boost hub configurations Coming Soon!


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