Giant launches Reign E+ eMTB

Giant is expanding its lineup of E-bikes this year with the all-new Reign E+, a full-suspension off-road machine for aggressive trail and enduro riding. Engineered with Giant’s latest SyncDrive Pro motor technology and a proven Maestro Suspension setup, this range of E-bikes offers a whole new trail experience, giving enduro enthusiasts the power to tackle steep climbs with less effort and ride technical descents with more confidence and control.

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Inspired by Reign mountain bikes, a platform that has been engineered and developed in partnership with pro enduro racers over the years, this new E-bike applies Giant’s Hybrid Cycling Technology to a long-travel trail bike for the first time. Hybrid Cycling Technology is a system that combines electric power with human power to produce a smart, natural and powerful E-bike riding experience. It’s an integrated group of technologies that includes the SyncDrive Pro motor, RideControl ONE handlebar control unit and EnergyPak battery system.


“With this E-bike you can ride all types of terrain, including tough climbs, with fewer limitations,” said Giant E-bike Category Manager Joost Bakker. “We developed it to have the best handling and control on technical trails so you can experience a smoother ride and go longer distances.”


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Updated for 2020, the SyncDrive Pro motor delivers a powerful, performance-oriented ride that’s adept at supporting the particular needs of off-road riders. It boasts 80Nm of power output with improved torque and a support ratio of 360 percent. This means that, in the Power mode, 100 percent of human torque input can receive 360 percent added pedaling power.


The 6-sensor Smart Assist technology calculates the amount of torque, pedaling cadence, slope and speed while riding. Based on those calculations, it determines the amount of power needed to provide a smooth, natural riding experience. The motor engages instantly when power is applied to the pedals. This helps the rider control the bike when accelerating and offers reliable performance on steep climbs and low speeds.


The EnergyPak 500 battery system is cleanly integrated into the downtube of the frame and offers long-lasting power (500Wh) that’s easy to charge. It comes with our EnergyPak 6A Fast Charger, which can be charged to 80 percent in just 60 minutes.


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The handlebar-mounted RideControl ONE features integrated, user-friendly button controls. The robust buttons are made for riding in all types of conditions and offer a comfortable feel and grip with a clean handlebar setup. This minimalist control center uses just a few buttons and indicators to give you total control or your E-bike technology. LED lighting shows battery level and support mode, and the RideControl ONE is ANT+ compatible so you can connect with the Giant E-bike App and use your smart phone to display additional information such as motor tuning, fitness data and navigation.


Beyond the latest E-bike technologies, the new Reign E+ offers proven Giant off-road features. The ALUXX SL frame is handcrafted to offer superior strength and stiffness at the lowest weight possible. The Maestro suspension system in the rear deliver 160mm of active, independent travel to give you total control on rugged terrain whether you’re climbing technical steeps or charging down enduro-style terrain. And Giant Tubeless System wheels and tires give you all the benefits of tubeless—including a smoother, more efficient ride and a reduced risk of punctures—in a system that’s easy to use.


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Recently, Giant Factory Off-Road Team rider Josh Carlson has spent time riding Giant E-bikes, incorporating them into a training routine. “It just brings the fun back,” Carlson said. “My whole goal is to get more descending time in and less pedaling. Compared to my Reign Advanced race bike, the frame geometry and suspension on the E-bike version are pretty similar. You get to go twice as fast up climbs, so I can easily do more laps in a day’s training.”


Carlson’s experience on Giant E-bikes, and his feedback throughout the two-year development process of the Reign-E+, has offered valuable insight into the design of the new platform.


The 2020 Reign E range consists of three models: The Reign E+ 0 with the cutting-edge SRAM XO wireless electronic drivetrain, the Reign E+ 1 and the Reign E+ 2. Availability varies by country.


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Wheelie87, Aug 13 2019 10:59

Tyre size people..where do you mention it


From Giant's website it seems to be only 27.5 ?

morneS555, Aug 14 2019 04:48


Pure Savage, Aug 15 2019 12:40

Another fact missing, R130k. 

morneS555, Aug 16 2019 07:16

Another fact missing, R130k. 

so basically  a nice lightly used GS1200?


they are just taking the p!ss aren't they? no way there is more RND/tech in this than similarly priced motorcycles.

SCD, Aug 20 2019 09:49

so basically  a nice lightly used GS1200?


they are just taking the p!ss aren't they? no way there is more RND/tech in this than similarly priced motorcycles.

and they will sell lots of them. So many people are suckers for this ****....shame

jtkbiker, Oct 17 2019 06:25

Tire size is 2.6 stock

andymn, Nov 09 2019 07:11

Awesome bike .