Introducing the New DT Swiss 240s Ratchet EXP Hub





In 2019 the renowned Star Ratchet SystemTM had a complete overhaul from DT Swiss, and was introduced to the world in the 180 Ratchet EXP hub.


For 2020 we see DT Swiss included these internals in the first of their hub range to receive the “trickle down effect” - the venerable 240s.




Increased Bearing Life


The integration of the bearing into the threaded ring allows the bearing distance to be maximised. The increased distance further supports the axis, which results in less deflection of the axle and thus protects the bearings and increases their lifetime.


Increased Stiffness


The bearing distance is limited by the size of the freehub system. In the previous system, the drive side bearing had to be placed next to the threaded ring which meant that the distance could not be increased.


The integration of the drive side bearing into the threaded ring increases the bearing distance, resulting in a 15% improvement of axle stiffness.




Less Wear


A single cylindrical spring ensures the faster full engagement and thus increases reliability.




Faster Full Engagement


The previous system required two conical springs to ensure proper alignment of the two ratchets. The fixed connection of the inner ratchet of the RATCHET EXP with the hub shell allows to use only the one cylindrical spring to ensure proper alignment of the moving ratchet. This Results in a faster full engagement that eventually reduces wear. On top of this, like it's 180 cousin, the new 240s hubs will all come with 36 tooth ratchets as standard for 10 degrees of engagement.




Simple Maintenance


The no-tool concept allows for tool-free disassembly. Featuring an incorporated notch, the newly developed shape of the end caps simplifies disassembly significantly and therefore makes the maintenance even easier.




Superior Reliability


The full engagement of the ratchets creates a large contact surface and therefore a low surface pressure that leads to superior reliability.


What makes the Ratchet and Ratchet EXP Systems superior is the fact that all the teeth on each of the ratchets engage simultaneously every time. In comparison, the engagement surface of pawl hubs is rather small.




Less Weight


Not only the reliability has improved though. The fusion of ratchet and threaded ring reduces the number of single parts of the system that offers an important advantage.


Less Parts


The previous Ratchet system required two springs to function correctly as the inboard ratchet was not fixed to the hub shell. The fusion of the ratchet and the threaded ring in the Ratchet EXP hub not only increases durability, it also reduces the overall number of components, utilizing a single spring, resulting in a decrease in weight of the freehub system.




Where you’ll find it:


The Ratchet EXP will be found in both the 240s and the 180 hubs, as well as 1200 series wheels going forward.
Unfortunately due to the current COVID-19 pandemic that affects all aspects of the service delivery process, a precise date of availability will not be known for a few weeks. The 240s RATCHET EXP will be available in SA later this year however through the DT Swiss distributor
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Super Sywurm, May 03 2020 09:42

I like nice things, but I don't really understand what they are talking about.

It's lighter and it's better...

arendoog, May 04 2020 06:14

Super cool hubs for the price of a wheelset