Liv Cycling announce new e-MTBs for women

Liv Cycling, the company dedicated to getting more women on bikes, announced two new series of women’s dual-suspension E-bikes – the Liv Intrigue E+ and Embolden E+. The bikes were built using Liv’s 3F Design Philosophy, which includes thousands of data points about women’s anatomy, sizing variations, and muscle energy and outputs. This data helped fine-tune the design and geometry of the new Liv E-bike models, which were also paired with carefully selected components to create the perfect ride for women, by women. The Intrigue E+ and Embolden E+ models both add dual suspension to the range of Liv E-bikes, providing riders with the most comfortable, natural ride experience along with the right amount of power output to ride further, faster and more efficiently than ever before.



“Since Liv’s introduction of its first E-bikes last year our customers have been asking for a dual-suspension option for increased comfort and rideability. We listened and are excited to deliver two additional models to our E-bike lineup just one year later,” said Ludi Scholz, Liv global bicycle category manager.


Using Hybrid Cycling Technology, a system developed by Liv’s brother brand Giant Bicycles, Liv’s E-bikes offer a boost to how far riders can travel. This technology lies at the core of each model and combines electric power with human power to produce a highly efficient, powerful and natural E-bike riding experience. Hybrid Cycling Technology consists of four key technologies that work together to provide a smooth yet powerful electric plus human powered ride: SyncDrive, RideControl, PedalPlus and EnergyPak battery.


Powered by Yamaha, the SyncDrive Pro motor on Liv’s Intrigue E+ features five support modes and 11 micro assist modes offering up to 360% of a rider’s effort—more than three times the power output to pedal stroke with 80NM torque. This assures an immediate and smooth power integration. The motor also comes with a narrower Q factor, making the distance between the pedals smaller and more comfortable for the rider. The SyncDrive Sport motor on the Embolden E+ includes five support modes, 10 micro assist modes, and up to 350%, 80NM torque.


The all-new, intuitive handlebar mounted RideControl ONE allows the rider to control the motor assist level while also providing battery feedback. SyncDrive, RideControl ONE and PedalPlus technology give riders the ability to easily customize their desired level of pedal assist. RideControl ONE will connect with a multifunctional smartphone app that allows the user to track rides, navigate routes, set fitness goals based on various metrics (heart rate, time, distance or calories). It also allows motor support personalization so the user can fine-tune how much assist each level provides. This app, designed specifically to work with Liv and Giant’s Hybrid Cycling Technology, will be available in early September to enhance the rider’s experience.


Intrigue-e 3.jpg


The battery integration into the downtube on both the Intrigue E+ and Embolden E+ offers a seamless look made possible by an updated EnergyPak. EnergyPak now comes with new Smart Charger technology that has potential to charge the higher capacity 500Wh batteries to 60% in less than 90 minutes, and a full charge in just over three and a half hours. This is accomplished by direct feedback from the battery to the charger, allowing the charger to moderate the energy charge input based on the age and condition of the battery. With this technology, new batteries charge quickly under optimal conditions, and older batteries are charged less rapidly to extend battery longevity. When fully charged, the battery can last up to 150km before it requires recharging. The 400Wh battery, also charged with a Smart Charger, reaches full charge by three hours and can last up to 120km.


“We are proud to expand our investment in this category and deepen our offering for women with these incredible E-bikes," continued Scholz. "The customizable power output support ratios, seamless battery integration and personalized options help them become the ultimate E-bikes for women."


Intrigue E+ Range

The Intrigue E+ is an agile, capable contender designed to take rowdy lines, link together longer rides with ease, and give riders the confidence to pedal uphill for longer periods of time instead of strategizing an inconvenient shuttle drop-off system.


Intrigue-e 2.jpg


This bike features 140 mm plush rear suspension on Giant’s premium Maestro platform and a trunnion mounted shock with a 150 mm fork. The Intrigue E+ is ready to shred trails going both up and down thanks to a playful, aggressive all-mountain trail geometry featuring a longer top tube and shorter stem, slack headtube angle of 66.5 degrees, steeper seat tube angle of 74.5 degrees, plus the tunable SyncDrive Pro motor, new fully integrated downtube EnergyPak with 500Wh capacity, handlebar-mounted RideControl ONE with available Giant E-bike App and PedalPlus technology. The result is a high-performance bike that sails over challenging terrain with less rider fatigue. Tubeless and plus-size compatible Boost 27.5-inch wheels make this ripper a complete package. Learn more at


Embolden E+ Range

The Embolden E+ was designed to be a fun, capable mountain bike that encourages both new and experienced riders to enjoy the freedom, fun and exhilaration of getting on the trails more often.


Intrigue-e 1.jpg


This playful series uses the FlexPoint premier single pivot technology offering a simple and durable system and effective performance of the 120 mm rear shock. The suspension system is completed with the 130 mm fork. The tunable SyncDrive Sport motor, new fully integrated downtube EnergyPak with 500Wh capacity, handlebar-mounted RideControl ONE with available Giant E-bike App and PedalPlus technology come together to create a go-to bike that is always ready to hit the trails. Plus-size compatible Boost 27.5-inch wheels make this bike ultra-capable. Learn more at


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