Merida recalls Scultura CF2 forks

We would like to remind Merida consumers about the Scultura fork recall announced on the 27th of July 2017.

Selected models of the carbon fork might break under stress and could cause crashes, serious injuries and even death.


It is ESSENTIAL that the fork will be replaced and the bike should not be continued to be ridden or used under any circumstance.


Merida Africa has stock of replacement forks and request that you make contact with your relevant Merida dealer in order to resolve the problem.


The affected forks have been used in the following MERIDA SCULTURA CF2 and aluminium MY 2017 models:


MY17 SCULTURA 4000-Juliet
MY17 SCULTURA Special Edition


MY17 SCULTURA Disc 200
MY17 SCULTURA Disc 400
MY17 SCULTURA Disc 400-Juliet
MY17 SCULTURA Disc 500
MY17 SCULTURA Disc 4000
MY17 SCULTURA Disc 4000-Juliet
MY17 SCULTURA Disc 5000
MY17 SCULTURA Disc 6000


The corresponding 2018 models are not affected.


On the aforementioned models, the carbon steerer of the forks is not able to withstand the stresses and strains it will be exposed to. Under intensive use, the steerer underneath the clamp of the stem and spacers can develop fractures which can lead to a complete collapse of the fork. To insure the safety of your customers we have put together this complete recall of the affected forks.


merida fork recall.jpg


IMPORTANT: Further riding or other usage of the bikes which carry the affected forks is to be stopped immediately until the replacement fork has been fitted. If the fork is continued to be used it can break and therefore cause injury of even death.
The replacement is of huge importance before any further use of the affected models.


What to do next?


If you ride any of the aforementioned models, please stop using your bike immediately and get in touch with the MERIDA dealer you bought your bike from. If you are unsure please get in touch with your MERIDA dealer to check if your bike is also affected.


Replacement at our MERIDA dealer and timeframe


In conjunction with our dealers, we are running a replacement scheme for the affected forks. Currently, we have got stock of replacement Merida forks.


merida fork serial.jpg
How can you see if your fork is affected?


The affected forks are limited to two model numbers and one production code. The details can be found on a sticker with QR-code that is visible when the stem is removed and the fork has been taken out of the frame.


FK-CF1638 (model number - rim brake version) or
FK-CF1638D (model number - disc brake version)
A-0-UD production code


Only forks with either of the two model numbers as well as the production code are affected.


Not affected forks – markings on the replacement forks


If there is a different number on the sticker on your MERIDA carbon fork steerer than the fork is not affected and has passed all safety tests.


To determine at a later date if one of a replacement forks have been fitted, there will be a clear identification on the fork. Further details regarding its identification will be published at a later date.


LOOK695, Oct 31 2017 05:49

Bianchi also had a fork recall

openmind, Oct 31 2017 10:24


"...could cause crashes, serious injuries and even death"

"...can lead to a complete collapse of the fork"


If there is any part of your frame that you should over-engineer a little it's the damn fork. Recalls like this get etched into the back of the brain and affect buying decisions for decades to come...

AvinashHannuman, Oct 31 2017 04:45

If i did not take notice of this post I could have suffered from a nasty incident. Forking hell.....


- Merida Scultura 5000 Disc

NicoR, Nov 01 2017 09:21

If i did not take notice of this post I could have suffered from a nasty incident. Forking hell.....


- Merida Scultura 5000 Disc


Same here. On a Scultura 4000 Disc.

Phoned the shop I bought it from and they said Merida will be in contact with me.

Now we wait


**Edit Update added**


Spoke to Merida and all should be done in a matter of days.

Will take bike to shop tomorrow for swop out the fork.