New BMC 2016 road bikes

BMC Switzerland has made its direction clear; more technically advanced bikes at attainable prices, while maintaining its core values; Swiss, premium, performance - and continued innovation among its top-tier performance bikes. Its 2016 product range demonstrates acute attention to detail with an intelligent choice of componentry that clearly shows they take rider and market demands seriously – making BMC Switzerland more commercially relevant than ever before.

Altitude Series: the Teammachine Family Expands and Deepens

The BMC Teammachine family saw the introduction of a full carbon, performance-oriented, entry level bike last year in the form of the Teammachine SLR03 – now, a premium-alloy model has been added; the Teammchine ALR01. A 1295g (painted) aluminum frame with a full carbon fork, the ALR01 comes in 5 sizes, including a 47cm, and is targeted at riders new to the sport – gearing to climb the steepest pitches and geometry that supports a sportive rider position.
Teammchine ALR01 Ultegra.

Experience developing the Teammachine SLR with ACE technology proved that radical tube shaping creates excellent ride characteristics – the alloy bike breaks new ground with brilliant shaping, tapering, and asymmetric features. The range comes in 4 spec options (Ultegra, 105, Tiagra, and Sora), each model using complete Shimano groupsets and all share the same premium frame and full carbon fork. To protect the reputation of the Teammachine – it is outfitted with only the best, in every class.

ALR01 behind side.jpg

The SLR Family

The Teammachine SLR family sees a fresh look in response to market demands - additions to the colour spectrum, and a few component spec adjustments to satisfy dealer demands.
Teammachine SLR01 DuraAce Di2.

For the Teammachine SLR01, something completely new – a full-painted bike. The out-of-mold finish quality of the famed race bike has always been so high, the engineering team at BMC demanded that the bike remain raw carbon so riders could appreciate its technical features. But in response to rider demand, and for the first time ever, a Teammachine SLR01 will hit retail floors in the brilliant BMC ‘Super Red’ coat. The range supports 4 complete bikes and a frameset this year: Dura Ace Di2, Dura Ace, Ultegra Di2, and Ultegra. Finally, the cockpit dimensions have been adjusted from the previous model year to reflect suggestions from fit-focused BMC retailers.
Teammachine SLR01 Frameset.

The Teammachine SLR02 also adds fresh colors with two full-paint models, another first, and a new compact climbing drivetrain (50x34 / 11-32) on the 105 model - for riders aiming to climb walls. The Teammachine SLR02, developed with ACE Technology, comes in at a feathery 950g and with Dual Transmission Integration (DTi) keeps mechanical and electronic groupo installation tidy. The lineup this year includes 3 complete bikes available in 5 sizes: Ultegra Di2, Ultegra and 105.
Teammachine SLR02 Ultegra.

The full-carbon Teammachine SLR03, yet another incredible achievement of ACE Technology, will be the eye-catchers in retail this year. Available in 5 sizes, including a 47cm, the range will include 4 complete bikes: Ultegra, 105, Tiagra and Sora – all with complete Shimano groupos.
Teammachine SLR03 Ultegra.

Endurance Series: a Clear Commitment to Road Disc brakes, and Fresh Colours for the Granfondo

The Granfondo GF01 family goes all-out disc brakes. Complimented with clever chain-catchers and Tuned Compliance Concept (TCC) carbon technology for bumpy roads, plus optimal gearing for long days in the saddle, the collection gets a new face in the form of a trendy, coffee-coloured Ultegra Di2 model, as well as more BMC-traditional colourways for the Ultegra and 105 complete bikes.
Granfondo GF01 Disc Ultegra Di2

The caliper-brake Granfondo GF02 family expands to fours complete bikes this year, including the addition of an electronic drivetrain on the Ultegra Di2 model, with fresh blue accents. The Ultegra-equipped model shares a team-replica paint scheme from the BMC Racing Team Paris-Roubaix RBX bikes – a flashy BMC Super Red. The collection rounds out with 105 and Tiagra bikes – with 6 sizes to pick from, there’s something for every rider.

GF01_Disc_Ultegra_Di2 rear.jpg

In terms of appearance, what really stands out in the Granfondo collection are the two Granfondo GF02 Discs. Bright, fresh colors, attractively priced, and highly versatile. Ready for racks and fenders, mechanical or electronic drivetrains, the electrifying Granfondo GF02 Disc bikes come with a carbon fork and are available in 6 sizes. Component spec, geometry, and gearing make these bikes excellent for touring or simply the “quiver-of-one”.
Granfondo GF02 Disc 105.

Cross Series: Aluminium Addition to Cyclo-cross – the Crossmachine CXA01

Crossmachine CX01 Force.

2015 saw the re-launch of BMC’s high-performance cyclocross race bike, the Crossmachine CX01. 2016 sees an addition in the form of an aluminium counterpart, the Crossmachine CXA01. The CXA01 targets riders who would like an all-round cross bike that can be raced (UCI-approved) but is just as comfortable masquerading as a gravel bike too. It comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, cyclocross-oriented gearing, a highly dependable drive-train, and is fender and rack compatible. Complimented with triple-butted alloy tube shaping, a full-carbon fork, and BMC’s own TCC seatpost for extra compliance, the Crossmachine CXA01 is ready for action.
Crossmachine CXA01.

Aero Series: Free Speed – with Records to Prove it

TM01_Ultegra.jpgTimemachine TM01.

TM02_Ultegra.jpgTimemachine TM02.

With the fastest Time Trial in Tour de France history, Team Time Trial World Championship title, European Ironman Championship and countless others, BMC leaves well enough alone in the aero bike line for 2016. The road worthy Timemachine TMR01 and 02, and triathlon / time trial Timemachine TM01 and 02, maintain the Vmax aerodynamics package that has proven so effective. The Timemachine TMR series is available in 6 sizes while the Timemachine TM lineup comes in 4 size configurations. The aero bike frameset offering this year comes in the highly sought after “testing the future” paint scheme made famous by the BMC Racing Team – naked carbon with white decals.
Timemachine TMR01 Ultegra.

Track Series: Continuation and Performance Validation

BMC Trackmachine TR01 Sprint DurAce

Two super weeks in February with BMC Racing Team’s Rohan Dennis breaking the UCI Hour Record and Stefan Küng taking the world title in the Individual Pursuit validates the capabilities of BMC’s track offering; the BMC Trackmachine TR01 and TR02. The Trackmachine TR01 was developed specifically to meet the requirements of the Swiss National Track team and is equipped with a Position-to-Perform (p2p) cockpit, designed to accommodate mass-start and endurance events. With the same Vmax aerodynamics recipe as the Timemachine series, the Trackmachine TR01 is a true weapon on the boards. The Trackmachine TR02, an aluminum frame with aero carbon fork, is the perfect solution for developing young track cyclists or those looking for a more economical race bike and comes available in 4 sizes, including XS. The Trackmachine series follows suit with the previous model year component spec.


Johny Bravo, Jul 22 2015 04:02

Stunning bikes. I am in the market for a new road bike. Now my question is, where do I go in Cape Town to go look at a big variety of BMC bikes, not pictures. 


This is why I am 99 percent sure I am going to end up with another Spez Roubaix. Go to a big dealer, look at all the pretty colours, ride around the block, and buy it. 

Andrew Steer, Jul 22 2015 04:25

Jeepers that Cyclocross bike is sexy!

Patchelicious, Jul 22 2015 04:33

*** bikes!! Can't even get TeeJay over a little hill ;)

Baracuda, Jul 29 2015 03:02

The Grand Fondoo 2015 105 won bike of the year and I was keen but these new colours are hideous - a choice between camel kotch yellow or powder baby blue. arghh. The old black and red was cool.