New cassette and crankset from e*thirteen

From day one, e*thirteen’s TRS Cassettes have delivered more range and value at a lower weight than the competition. Introducing Gen2 TRS Plus Cassettes featuring revised architecture, better shifting, and multiple configurations. All the TRS Plus Cassettes work with both Shimano™ and SRAM™ drivetrains, easily upgrading original equipment drivetrains. The revolutionary 9T cog is what sets these cassettes further apart, increasing range. Compatible with XD drivers only.

New to the lineup is the TRS Plus 9-50T 12 Speed Cassette with an unmatched 556% range at only 398 grams.


Tech Info

New cassette architecture no longer needs proprietary tools for installation, updated shift features deliver better shifting and long-term durability, and the two-piece design allows for individual replacement of parts as they wear.


9-50T 12 Speed



COGS: 2 Aluminum (42-50T), 10 Steel (9-36T)
*Keeps weight low without sacrificing long-term durability.
TEETH: 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 23, 27, 31, 36, 42, 50
INTENDED USE: XC, Marathon, Trail, Enduro
RANGE: 556%
WEIGHT: 398g




9-46T 11 Speed

The TRS Plus 9-46T 11 Speed Cassette offers the same 511% range, but now uses 10 steel cogs and 1 aluminum, maximizing durability and uprating it for eBike use.




COGS: 1 Aluminum (46T), 10 Steel (9-39T)
*Resists wear better than previous design, which used 8 steel/3 aluminum
TEETH: 9, 10, 12, 14, 17, 20, 24, 28, 33, 39, 46
INTENDED USE: XC,Marathon, Trail, Enduro, eBike
RANGE: 511%
WEIGHT: 390g


NEW XCX MTB Cranks - Lightest on the Market

e*thirteen’s XCX components take the performance features and engineering expertise gained from a decade of World Cup downhill racing to the gravel and cross-country markets. Our XCX Race Cranks are the lightest production cranks on the market, and the XCX Plus Cassettes offer the largest range in their class along with competitive pricing.




XCXr Mountain Cranks

Weight: 392g (w/32T XCX Chainring)
Self-extracting bolt
Spindle: 73mm
Q Factor: 172.7mm
Chainline: 52mm (1x)
Lengths: 170mm, 175mm


XCX Ultralight Chainring



Weight: 49g (30T) - 91g (42T)
-5mm Boost offset
Direct Mount and Dual Width
10/11/12 speed Shimano™ and SRAM™ compatible


e*thirteen 2019 range will be available in SA May 2019. Get Stoked Distribution.


Waynemol, Apr 11 2019 02:34

M3 clavicula crank is lighter mine is 379 including BB and 36T) if one is nitpicking but I like the weights here - wonder about durability vs XX1

Hairy, Apr 11 2019 04:45

I can only imagine if the cassette is good for those electric motorbikes, then one could expect to see some good mileage from them?

DieselnDust, Apr 11 2019 05:12

Hmmmmm the 11speed cassette didn't set new records for longevity so I'll take a wait and see approach. Looks nice though

Waynemol, Apr 12 2019 03:36

Don't think the motorbikes get the same abuse as bicycles. I want one for my gravel Hardtail because I can only fit a 36 up front but I think I'd like to see if it's a bit more durable than pervious incarnations.

hubbernero, Apr 12 2019 08:46

Managed to bend the top cogs on the previous TRS 11sp cassette after 2 rides. If these are as flimsy as that 11sp cassette, i'm not touching it with a barge pole.