New PRO products for 2016

PRO have unveiled a host of updated road and mountain bike component sets and accessories for 2016.

Mountain bikes

Today’s mountain biker has firmly carved out several distinct riding styles – Downhill, Enduro, Cross Country, Dirt, and of course racing or just riding. So many different styles, speeds and conditions require dedicated components.

With the new alloy Tharsis 9.8, Di2-compatible carbon bar and alloy stem Tharsis Trail, and Koryak alloy components, co-created with Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton and team mate Martin Maes, PRO now offers distinct group sets to accommodate many different off-road riding styles.


MTB highlights for 2016 include:

  • New Tharsis 9.8 graphics
  • New Tharsis Trail stem and bar groupset
  • New Koryak stem, bar and seatpost groupset
  • A whole host of additional workshop items and accessories

Tharsis 9.8 – Made for downhill riders

Named after the force of gravity (9.806 m/s2) it’s no surprise that Tharsis 9.8 is designed for those riders who can’t resist the urge to head downhill in the most direct route possible.

Tharsis 9,8.jpg


With current and former world champions on the development team the Tharsis 9.8 graphics take on a fresh, race-orientated look that grace the downhill bikes of Gee and Rachel Atherton.


2016’s update introduces new artwork for PRO’s 9.8 saddles, stems, bars and seat posts. The alloy components are designed 110% above the recommended safety requirements, allowing you to put complete trust in your PRO Tharsis 9.8 when you’re hurtling downhill.


Tharsis Trail – made for all-mountain/enduro riders

Following on from last year's introduction of its Tharsis XC groupset, PRO expands its MTB coverage even further with the introduction of its Tharsis Trail carbon handlebars and alloy stems, designed specifically for the all-mountain and trail rider in conjunction with GT Factory Racing´s Martin Maes.


GT Atherton’s Martin Maes was fully involved throughout the development process. “During the development phase I pushed as hard as I could with every component to completely test them to their limits and feed back the best information possible. The end result is that I can’t ask for anything better to race with!”


Tharsis trail group.jpg


There will be two carbon bars available; one regular and one specifically designed to be integrated with Shimano’s Di2 system. Designed in the Tharsis ‘house style’ of matte black with gloss decals, the 214g bars are 800mm in width with a 20 degree rise for deft control on technical trails. Both the Di2 and regular bars can be cut down as far as 720mm for a narrower racing preference.

To accommodate a neat Di2 cable set up, the Tharsis Trail stem works in conjunction with the bars to carry internal cables to the Di2 battery in the fork steerer. This does away with the traditional star nut set up and uses an external locking mechanism to keep the headset tight.


Two internal fork steerer battery holders are available with the stem, either a stiffer alloy holder or lighter rubber holder.

The front clamp on the Tharsis Trail stem is now wider, stiffening the controls to better accommodate the forces applied by wider handlebars and aggressive riders. Finally the headset adjuster tool comes as a workshop item with a new 32mm hex fitting or a stronger pocket-sized version for on-trail fixes.


The Tharsis Trail stem is available in four lengths (35, 45, 55 and 65mm) with a 0 degree angle.


PRO Koryak – satisfying price, performance and durability in equal measure

The new alloy stems, bars and seatposts from Koryak come from the same DNA as the Tharsis range but where the Tharsis range has been co-created with the world’s best XC and enduro riders, Koryak benefits from these technology developments with a design intended for cross country and trail racers and riders.


Koryak group.jpg


Koryak seatposts employ a one bolt clamping system for easy assembly, easy adjustment and rail-friendly clamping for all types of saddles, including oversized clamps to accommodate wider rails (available separately).


Flat or low-riser alloy bars are available as a 720mm bar, whilst the riser bar is a longer 760mm. All bars are 31.8mm in diameter with a 9 degree backsweep.


Starting at a weight of just 110 grams, seven Koryak aluminium stems are new for 2016. All stems are designed for 31.8mm bars and range in length from 40mm to 100mm. The three stems from 40-60mm have a 0 degree angle for trail riders, whilst the four stems from 70-100mm accommodate a 6 degree +/- angle for cross country riders.



Together with a whole host of mountain bike component sets and accessories, PRO has unveiled additions to its Road line up for 2016 at this year’s Eurobike.


A new PLT bar, stem and seatpost groupset is the highlight of the new products, whilst a new look Vibe seatpost, Missile Evo TT bars and carbon road and track wheels are eye-catching products for professional riders.


Road highlights for 2016 include:

  • New PLT bar, stem and seatpost groupset
  • New graphical makeovers for Missile Evo TT components and PRO wheels
  • Essential PRO accessories to complete your bike’s professional look
  • Handy tools for pro workshops or home mechanics

PLT groupset

With excellent price and performance in mind, not to mention a wide range for custom fit options, the alloy PLT bar, stem and seat post group delivers reliable and durable racing components. The alloy PLT compact or compact ergo bars feature widths from 36cm to 46cm. PLT stems range from 50 to 130mm (+/-10 deg.) and seat posts, 27.2mm and 31.6mm, with 20mm and 0mm offset options.

PLT group.jpg


PRO’s belief in co-creation with its World Tour sponsored teams has helped to develop innovative features at PLT level. The 31.8mm PLT Compact Ergo handlebar has an ergonomically shaped top section for optimal pressure relief on hands and wrists. Meanwhile the PLT seatpost has an innovative 1-bolt clamping system so you can quickly reposition your saddle.


Missile Evo

Designed for and by highly competitive triathletes the Missile Evo carbon time trial range includes aerobars, clip-on bars, extensions and a base bar, along with a carbon stem and arm rests.


Missile Evo.jpg


The full carbon Missile Evo Carbon Aerobar meets UCI requirements and was used by many PRO-supported teams including Francais Des Jeux and BMC-Uplace Triathlon this year.


The bar features integrated brake and shift cable routing so can be integrated with Shimano’s Dura Ace or Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting systems. For added positioning preferences carbon J-bend or Ski-bend bars are available, weighing 124 grams.


PRO disc wheels, 3-spoke and track wheels

After introducing its ultra-fast tri-spoke road wheel last year, following the five-spoke track wheel, rear disc wheel and carbon road wheels, PRO wheels now take on a new look for 2016.




Co-created with the world’s best athletes, PRO wheels provide an unrivalled aero construction, propelling Team Sky, Giant Alpecin, Orica GreenEDGE, Francais Des Jeux and Lotto-Jumbo NL through this year’s Tour de France.


Other accessories

PRO accessories and workshop items will help you kit your workshop and bike out with quality. With continued thanks to the teams PRO supports, new tools and bike essentials feature throughout a host of categories:
  • For the workshop: pumps, pressure checkers, CO2 cartridges, floor and mini pumps, saddle and wheel bags, bike bags, brushes, stands and specialist tools.
  • For the bike: computers, bottles and cages, grips, bar tape, cyclocross cable hanger, cartridge headsets, end plugs and seat clamps.
Accessories group.jpg


The 2016 range of PRO products will be available in South Africa from December 2015.


Iwan Kemp, Aug 25 2015 07:54

Di2 integration on DH bars - quite next level. Would like to see some images of the wiring.

Captain Fastbastard Mayhem, Aug 25 2015 08:40

Same. Very interesting indeed.