New Specialized Epic Hardtail launched

Cross-country racing has always been a battle of grams—a contest to see who can build the lightest machine. The Epic HT flips the bird at that hoary convention. Yes, you’re looking at the lightest production hardtail to date, but the new Epic HT is a hell of a lot more than that. This is the most capable and comfortable XC race bike ever.

Specialized Epic hardtail 2020_-3.jpg


Capable, comfortable…those aren’t adjectives that get tossed around much in elite cross-country racing. But here’s the thing—you’re not reaching the podium if you’re death-gripping the brakes or getting pummeled by the trail. The fastest bike is more than simply the lightest bike. This is proof.



Ridiculously Capable

Cross-country courses have grown rougher, so we made the Epic HT more capable. It starts with all-new geometry. Taking a page from our trail bike playbook, we slackened the head angle to 68.5 degrees, reduced the fork offset, increased reach and moved to shorter (60-75 millimeter) stems on all frame sizes. End result? The Epic HT retains a short wheelbase for deft handling, yet it offers more predictable steering and a more centered rider position for increased control.


Specialized Epic hardtail 2020_-4.jpg
Specialized Epic hardtail 2020_-6.jpg


More Versatile Than Ever Before

We boosted tyre clearance, letting you take full advantage of wider-volume tyres on more challenging tracks. And while we were at it, we equipped the bike with a 30.9-millimeter seatpost, which gives you the option to run longer-travel dropper posts for even more maneuverability and control on technical sections.


Specialized Epic hardtail 2020_-2.jpg


Tuned for Comfort. Tuned for Speed.

A fatigued you is not a fast you. That’s a simple fact, yet history is littered with ultra-light and ultra-harsh XC bikes. We fine-tuned our composite lay-up and tube shaping to make the new Epic HT more forgiving…and even faster. Smaller diameter seatstays, for example, increase vertical compliance. Ditto for our new arced seat tube design that offers as much vertical compliance as the previous, smaller-diameter seat tube, yet plays nice with all sorts of dropper posts.


Specialized Epic hardtail 2020_-5.jpg


Simple, Reliable, and Utterly Badass

There’s a reason people don’t use Ferraris to pick up their groceries. Sophisticated, race-bred machines have a reputation for being fickle, sensitive, and frankly, a royal pain to own and operate. Let’s call bull**** on that right now.


The Epic HT is a World-Cup-caliber race rocket that’s also hassle free. There are no proprietary, bolt-on bits and pieces to fret over. And yep, there’s a threaded bottom bracket here as well. Proven, reliable, and utterly badass.


Specialized Epic hardtail 2020_.jpg


Amazingly Light

The Epic HT sets a new standard in capability and comfort, and it does all that while also being the lightest production frame on earth. We optimised every inch of this frame, fine tuning the fiber and resin mix as well as custom shaping every ply to eliminate unnecessary overwrap. We even ditched the aluminium inserts in the rear dropouts. End result? A remarkable frame that tips the scales at 790 grams.



Specialized Epic Hardatil 2020 geometry.png



Pure Savage, Aug 06 2019 06:01

Read whole press release and they mention the BB!!! LOVE IT!!!


A threaded BB!!!

BaGearA, Aug 06 2019 06:05

Spez have winner here , like almost enough for me to want to ride XC

DieselnDust, Aug 06 2019 06:34

threaded bb is enough for me to "like"

mornevg, Aug 06 2019 06:37

Threaded BB!!!!!!!! Happy place stuff.

ratherberidin', Aug 06 2019 06:49

Last paragraph seems to be the draft copy; repeating the same thing.


Repeating the same thing.  

GaryP, Aug 06 2019 08:20

And the ultralight only costs R140 000..., a small price to pay for a threaded bb :-))

Foxy_Roxy, Aug 06 2019 08:35



Aurora, Aug 07 2019 09:55

What is the actual weight though? 

the_roadie, Aug 07 2019 10:05

What is the actual weight though? 


Exactly. A whole article about this superlight bike, without actually mentioning the complete bike weight. I sometimes wonder of the authors of these articles actually read what they write.

lechatnoir, Aug 07 2019 10:09

threaded bb is enough for me to "like"


you can still epoxy it in, don't worry...

Specialized Bicycles, Aug 07 2019 10:18

According to our engineering team the weight is 7.96 kg for the S-Works Ultralight, size LARGE with tubes in tires, you can subtract 0.15kg for tubeless setup.

Bos, Aug 07 2019 12:01

Did anyone see the "RideUnno" post in reply to this on Spez's social media? Had a good chuckle.. Not really fair, Costs double and they do limited production runs. But, they do have a point...They are lighter :)  



Hairy, Aug 07 2019 04:16

Did anyone see the "RideUnno" post in reply to this on Spez's social media? Had a good chuckle.. Not really fair, Costs double and they do limited production runs. But, they do have a point...They are lighter :)  



Joke is on UNO though as the Spaz frames vary from 760mm-790mm .... so technically they are at times lighter than UNO.


But UNO frames are really sexy though :)

Aurora, Aug 15 2019 08:09

Still not sure very many will be forking out R140k for a hardtail