PRO launch new Koryak dropper post and Stealth saddle

Designed for enhancing the enjoyment and versatility of your mountain biking, PRO proudly showcases its first cable-integrated dropper post at this year’s Eurobike Show (Friedrichshafen, Germany, 31st August to 4th September).

Pro Koryak dropper post

PRO Koryak.jpg


Weighing in at 520g (inc. remote and cable) the Koryak adjustable alloy seat post brings 120mm of smooth non-indexed travel for on-the-fly adjustability.


The smooth downward movement and quick, responsive upwards rebound of the post is provided by a replaceable air cartridge. The mechanism is operated by an internally routed cable, which runs down the seat post and through the frame, and is connected to a bar-mounted lever by Shimano’s OPTISLICK cables for optimum performance in the face of dirt and mud.


Pro Koryak lever.jpg


Two lever options are available, a regular up/down lever which can be mounted on the left or right of the bars, or a Firebolt-style lever (compatible with Shimano i-spec II) for those running 1x11 or a SHIMANO SYNCHRONIZED SHIFT set up, which takes advantage of the free left hand shift lever position for operating the dropper post. A full complement of spares are available including air cartridges and new bushes to prolong longevity.


Post diameter options: 30.9mm or 31.6mm


Pro Stealth saddle



At this August’s Eurobike Show (Friedrichshafen, Germany, 31 Aug to 4 Sept) cycle component brand PRO unveils its new Stealth saddle, the latest of its co-creation projects with Team Giant-Alpecin’s professional riders.


Pro Stealth saddle above.jpg


Together with Shimano Dynamics Lab and, a subsidiary of Shimano, a wide variety of performance positions were analysed and tested with professional riders to create a comfortable Stealth saddle truly designed for aggressive all out performances in both road races and time trials. One saddle for two demanding disciplines.


The Stealth saddle’s shape is wider in the nose, spreading the pressure and allowing riders to use more of the front of the saddle and remain comfortable on the drops or on TT bars for extended periods of time. This allows riders to maintain a more aerodynamic position on the bike.


Pro Stealth Saddle side.jpg


At the same time the super lightweight EVA padding shape has been specifically designed to take account of sitbone comfort and pressure points in the three main positions – on the hoods, on the drops and on the aero bars – to provide all-round comfort.
Thigh movement and abrasion points have also been considered with the choice of saddle cover material. The Stealth saddle’s polyurethane (PU) cover was tested with a variety of bib short materials to find the lowest friction rates between the saddle and the shorts. Less friction, less rubbing and less irritation for greater comfort.


The most obvious feature though is the wide cut-out channel in the middle of the saddle, offering extra comfort for riders on the edge. To retain saddle stiffness and power transfer the base includes horizontal reinforcement bridges, part of a one-piece carbon reinforced base.


The underside of the base features ports for new PRO accessories including PRO sports camera mounts, race plates, race fenders and CO2 brackets.


The super-thin lightweight base and super lightweight padding helps to create a low profile unisex shape and, together with carbon rails, results in one of the lightest (172g) and shortest saddles for comfort- orientated performance in the PRO line up.


nox1111, Aug 31 2016 01:59

Any idea on indicative pricing?

no calves, Aug 31 2016 04:41

So the stealth is like SPEZ Power saddle???

JXV, Aug 31 2016 06:12

Only 120mm. There's a bunch of long slack frames that need a bit more.

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BenReaper, Aug 31 2016 10:03

Wonder what the pricing will be like on the Koryak dropper? Its probably just coincidence, but Pro seems to know what my idea of bling for my bike is with the Koryak range. [emoji108]

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