PRO unveil new dropper posts, lightweight handlebars and premium tools

PRO has announced a range of new products today including new Koryak dropper post models, lightweight handlebars with integrated cable routing, and a range of premium tools. These PRO products should be available in South Africa in November.

Dropper seatposts

Back in 2017 PRO launched its highly rated Koryak 120mm travel dropper post. Now for Autumn 2018 PRO drops a further four models ranging from 170mm to 70mm in travel and covering seat post diameters between 31.6 to 27.2mm.


170mm internal.


In a few short years the dropper post market has expanded from long travel posts for Enduro bikes to medium travel posts for XC bikes and now short travel posts for Gravel riding. Whichever style you ride, the ability to drop your saddle out of the way for less interference makes your bike a lot more versatile and capable of technical riding. PRO has expanded its range to meet these new riding styles by adding the Koryak 170 (internal routing), Koryak 150 (external or internal) and Koryak 70 (external) to its existing Koryak 120 model.


PRO_SP_KORYAKDSP_150I_1.png150mm internal

PRO_SP_KORYAKDSP_150E_1.png150mm external

The majority of riders will feel perfectly at home with the 150mm travel post, which comes in 30.9 and 31.6 widths, fitting common enduro and trail seat tubes. The internal cable option offers the neatest set up whilst the external cable option offers the fastest set up, avoiding routing around the bottom bracket. For bigger riders the 170mm travel version gives a total length of 507mm to maximize the range of your on-bike position. The new 170 and 150 versions are made from a 3D-forged lightweight AL2014 alloy and employ a 1-bolt clamp design to mount the saddle, coming in 30.9 and 31.6 diameters.


70mm external.


The lightest 70mm travel version can be used on XC or Gravel bikes with 27.2mm seat post diameters where a small drop in saddle height can make the difference between clearing a descent confidently or not at all.


All versions offer infinite super smooth travel and come with a Shimano cable set allowing for adjustment at the dropper post lever. The 170 and 150 internally cable routed posts come with a new 1x left-hand lever whereas the 150 and 70 externally routed posts come with universal up/down levers for use with 1x or 2x drivetrains.


Road Handlebars


New PRO Vibe SL handlebar designed to be lightest fully cable integrated handlebar on the market.




In the planning for PRO’s latest product line up its product developers set themselves a goal: to create the lightest brake and shift cable integrated handlebar with its Innegra Inside safety feature. Not only that, the handlebar had to pass PRO’s stringent safety standards, which build on the ISO 4210/JIS benchmark.





Creating a light and stiff handlebar is a delicate process. Different areas of the handlebars are subject to different forces, such as torsional, tensional (fatigue) and compression (impact) forces, so they need different strength properties, which comes from using the right amount of high modulus or high strength carbon in the correct places. But adding integrated Di2 or mechanical shift cables, and mechanical or hydraulic brake cables means that entry and exit ports are needed in the handlebar’s structure, which can be points where stress can build up. As well as that, PRO’s Vibe range uses an Innegra layer, which is a safety feature that helps carbon retain its structure in the event of an impact. Managing these competing demands takes expertise, experience and a lot of testing with PRO’s professional athletes.





However, by using a new method of combining high modulus M4075 carbon fibre with high strength T800 fibres PRO’s developers were able to use less resin to create a handlebar that was not only 15% lighter but also stiffer than the current cable integrated Vibe handlebar. This new model will be introduced to the market as the VIBE SL range.


This new fully cable integrated VIBE SL comes in two styles, either a Compact or Aero design. The Compact bar comes in widths of 38cm, 40cm and 42cm and weighs just 184g. The Aero bar with its wind-cheating flatter top section and narrower drops weighs 209g and comes in 38cm and 40cm widths.


Premium Tools

Specialist Team Tools, Cable Routing tool and Saddle-integrated Mini-tool introduced.


PRO has unveiled a host of new premium-grade specialist bike tools to help you become the wrencher that everyone wants to know. Among them are these three helpful tools you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.




PRO’s new TEAM Tools are designed to be used with the latest trends in cycling so the set includes a 12-speed compatible XTR lock ring remover, 12-speed chain whip, bottom bracket lock ring remover, 12-speed compatible chain tool and pedal wrench. All tools are designed to be easier to use so flex has been minimized and the leverage has been improved (except the chain tool) meaning that you need to use less force to remove or install bike components. All tools are made from laser-cut steel with an additional heat treatment to reinforce high strength, reduce flex and add durability. Added to that the Team Tools are longer in length too to give you more leverage over stubborn-to-remove items. Also hand placement has been considered with ergonomically shaped handles, finger pads and hard and soft dual compound areas for added grip.


Finally, each tool comes with additional functions too, such as the TEAM cassette lock ring remover being suitable for centerlock disc brakes, the TEAM pedal wrench having the possibility for use on 15mm axles in combination with 6 and 8mm allen keys or the TEAM chainwhip including a threaded Dura-Ace / XTR bottom bracket remover.




This pocket sized aluminum tool is the perfect workshop accessory for threading shift cables, brake cables, Di2 wires and hydraulic hoses through frames. With an extra-strong micro magnet you can easily guide wires and cables through frames to exit ports. The Cable Routing tool comes with all the adapters you’ll need to connect to common cables and wires and neatly folds away afterwards to keep minimize the clutter in your workshop or tool box.


Photo 07-07-2018, 15 36 05.jpg


This unique saddle-mounted mini-tool with ratchet system contains Allen/Torx keys, tyre levers, screwdrivers and a chain tool and can be neatly packaged up into 140x35x15mm unit in a neoprene sleeve so you can stow it neatly beneath your saddle. Riders using PRO’s Stealth, Falcon, Griffon or Turnix saddles with underside mounting bolts can bolt the Integrated Mini-Tool directly to the saddle and riders with non-PRO saddles can use video camera mount adapter to mount the tool.