Schwalbe offer new Hans Dampf tyres

Hans Dampf is Schwalbe’s quintessential all-rounder for enduro trails: it offers maximum fun and full control on rough terrain as well as on winding single tracks. Now Schwalbe is introducing a new version with radical innovative changes – while losing nothing of its legendary characteristics.

The new tread speaks for itself: this tire lets nothing stand in its way. With stable blocks, an aggressive tread design and Addix compounds, Hans Dampf has had a complete makeover. ‘Bikes are becoming more powerful and their geometries extremer year after year, while trails are more and more technically challenging. The new Hans Dampf is perfectly adapted to these trends, offering precise control and ultimate performance, while still maintaining its reliable, user-friendly properties”, explains Carl Kämper, Junior Product Manager MTB at Schwalbe. “The new Hans Dampf guarantees maximum fun for both competitive riders and weekend daredevils, whether in enduro, all-mountain or bike park terrains. We recommend it for anyone for whom Nobby Nic is too tame and Magic Mary too extreme.”




Reliable versatility

If you like curves, then you will love this grip: the blocks, which are now up to 50% larger, bite well in every position, curve or extreme situation. Even when drifting, the tire is easy to control and bring back into line.


Shoulder blocks: particularly stable shoulder blocks provide superb cornering grip in fast, aggressive curves and increase the tire’s lifespan. Together with larger block diameters, these make full use of the excellent damping and wear characteristics of the Addix compounds. The coarse, stable front row blocks have more than enough material to offer an intense, defined sensation and plenty of off-camber grip.




Carl Kämper: “The tire rolls as if it’s on rails, guarantees maximum adhesion, with no deformation.” The rear row blocks provide added safety in extreme situations and drifts. “It’s the knobs that save me when things get tough. They dig down a bit later, but are so effective – even in loose and loamy soil. They provide constant grip, a sensation that extends across the entire tread, right to its outer edges.”


Transition blocks: elliptically arranged transition blocks between the center and shoulders produce a predictable, reliable feel in any situation.


Centre blocks: large double blocks guarantee propulsion and braking traction through precise power transmission with little flex. The group of 4 blocks supplements the powerful double blocks – for even greater drive and breaking traction. But that’s our e-bike specialist, so it is not in competition”, explains Carl Kämper.


These blocks can only show off their strengths when the self-cleaning feature functions optimally. This is possible thanks to the more open overall design with plenty of space across the tread. As the tire rolls, the collected mud is ejected sideways as if through a gutter. An added plus: the tread has no directional pattern making mounting easier.


“The balanced tread works effortlessly, and generously corrects errors, which also makes it perfect for novices. With these characteristics, our all-rounder remains ideal for downhill riding”, declares the Junior Product Manager - a mountain bike enthusiast who tests the prototypes himself in the bike park – as he summarizes his first own project at Schwalbe.




For all-mountain and trail riding to the downhill world and eMTB

While its predecessor was often used as a combo tire for the back wheel, the new Hans Dampf masters every requirement – whether precision front steering or rear traction. It is also available in all common MTB sizes for a broad range of applications.


Carl Kämper: “Addix Soft is our all-round recommendation. With smooth rolling, impressive damping and a powerful grip, the compound is just as at home in the enduro and downhill worlds as in the demanding disciplines of all-mountain and trail riding. This also applies to eMTB: the new Hans Dampf has everything to make it a fun ride.”


Available sizes: 29 x 2.35, 29 x 2.6, 27.5 x 2.35, 27.5 x 2.6, 27.5 x 28, 26 x 2.35 as well as 24 x 2.35: the latter is ideal for the growing trend of high-quality MTBs for kids.


The new Hans Dampf will be available from specialist retailers as of July, at a price of 32.90 euros in the Performance Line and from 57.90 euros in the exclusive Evolution Line.


Capricorn, Apr 29 2018 02:38

interesting that the tire is launched during the northern hemisphere summer. That block pattern looks like a mud_hoarder of note, which would kybosh the all-rounder claims somewhat.


but i'll try it, if only because they are not producing the v2.0 nobby nic in SG. I think the NN in SG, with those beefier sideknobs onthe new HD, and less slant on some of those knobs, would be a ridiculously good tire.

Iwan Kemp, Apr 29 2018 07:25

Probably doing it to get news and details of it out there before it starts showing face as OE kit on upcoming bike launches. With Eurobike just around the corner and production of 2019 bikes in full swing we'll see more and more gear news over the next couple of months

Headshot, May 02 2018 02:39

Its a HD in name only. Those side blocks look totally different and a lot better than the old ones...