Specialized unveil the all-new Turbo Kenevo

Press Release:

Let’s just call it what it is: The Turbo Kenevo is, hands-down, the most capable e-mountain bike to hit the dirt. You’re looking at 180 millimetres of supple suspension configured around a bomber chassis and decked out in components that take a beating.



This is a gnar-devouring, air-catching marvel. It’s also the bike that singlehandedly spells the death of many a tedious shuttle trip in the back of a smelly truck. You are your own shuttle now, with the most powerful, smoothest, and widest-ranging motor and battery combination available. This is the bike that takes you to the top of the longest, nastiest climbs—no car, chairlift or spare lung required—and delivers a thoroughly bad-ass rip on the way back down.


This is the power to ride bigger trails.



It Starts With The Ride

Soon you’ll be reading about watts and motors and all the “e” parts that make up an e-mountain bike. After all, we have an international team of 19 engineers in Cham, Switzerland cooking up all those brilliant things, and this is a press kit for their latest creation.




But let’s be clear—before those engineers start designing powerplants and dreaming in algorithms, they team with our Morgan Hill mountain bike engineers on the frame. Why? Because clever motors and software amount to nothing at all if your hardware sucks. Push that fine line between breaking the sound barrier and breaking your collar bone, and the bike beneath you better be dialled.


Which brings us here, to the new Turbo Kenevo.


Our engineers started by re-envisioning a new frame that could marry the stiffness and precision of our Sidearm design with the supple feel of the new Enduro. Once they made that a reality, they got to the electric bits. This, for the record, isn’t standard operating procedure in a world where brands pick off-the-shelf motors and batteries, and then they design frames around those parts.


We believe there’s a better way, and it starts with the ride.


More Speed

While the Turbo Kenevo may not look like the new Enduro’s twin, the two bikes share DNA—particularly the genes that make them faster over the roughest sections of trail. Like the Enduro, the new Turbo Kenevo features an axle path that has a more-rearward trajectory in key stages of its travel. And as a result, the Turbo Kenevo’s rear wheel hangs up less as you’re blasting through the chunder. Less hang up, more momentum, and more speed.




More Fun

We obsess over the perfect suspension tune. Picture several guys who spend every waking moment running shocks on dynos, experimenting with shim stacks and pondering the mysteries of oil flow. This is our in-house, Rx Tune, suspension team.




Custom tuning every shock to every suspension frame we make isn’t how things are normally done in the bike industry, but we wouldn’t do it any other way. When you’re flying down the chunkiest descent possible, and the bike beneath you is stable and confident—fork and shock working in unison—you’re able to ride faster, push the boundaries harder, and have a hell of a lot more fun in the process.


Stiffer, Lighter Frame

The Turbo Kenevo’s sidearm design directly connects all three mounting points of the rear-end and shock to the frame, significantly increasing both stiffness and performance over bumps. To be more specific, we’ve minimized frame flex when the rear suspension is active, so you get more precise handling in the rough.


We also took out the butcher knife and went nuts. The new Turbo Kenevo frame sheds a full kilogram (2.2 pounds). And that’s before you factor in the 400-gram weight savings from the new magnesium-bodied Specialized 2.1 motor.


A Brawler By The Numbers

We couldn’t simply redesign the Turbo Kenevo’s suspension and chassis, take the engineering department out for ice cream, and then call it a day. The Turbo Kenevo’s geometry also needed to keep pace with the advances we made everywhere else on the bike. We went deep.




We slackened the head angle a degree for greater control on steep descents. We grew the reach nearly an inch per size, creating a more centered cockpit. We made way for longer travel dropper posts by shortening the seat tube. And finally, we steepened the Turbo Kenevo’s seat tube angle by two degrees, improving your weight distribution and control on steep climbs.


End result? The new Turbo Kenevo is a longer, lower-slung, and entirely more confident beast at speed and on the most technical tracks.


The Smoothest, Quietest, And Most Powerful Motor

When we debuted the latest-generation Turbo Levo, we also introduced the world to the smoothest, quietest, and most efficient motor out there. That same, magnesium-bodied Specialized 2.1 motor is directly mounted to the new Turbo Kenevo frame. The 2.1 motor is not only significantly lighter and smaller than the 1.3 motor that roosted on the original Kenevo, it’s also more efficient and powerful. How powerful? At peak assist, it’s like having four of you powering the pedals. You read that right: The Specialized 2.1 motor amplifies your input by 410%, while providing up to 560 watts of pedal-assist and 90Nm of torque with absolutely zero awkward surges in power.




Our 2.1 motor features a proven belt drive design and an integrated speedometer and power meter that measures speed and pedaling effort—all while precisely calculating power output. What’s more, our engineers in Switzerland spent years coming up with the Turbo Kenevo’s motor software, which is essentially the brain that powers this 2.1 motor. The result is something you’ll only find on the Turbo Levo and Turbo Kenevo—a motor that provides an incredibly smooth and natural boost to your own pedaling efforts.


More Miles From Every Charge

Using the most advanced lithium-ion technology, we’ve increased battery capacity by 40% while integrating that capacity into a significantly smaller down tube. You’ll find that svelte-yet-powerful, 700 watt-hour battery on the new Turbo Kenevo Expert model.


Out on the trail, the new Turbo Kenevo gives you more miles from every full charge. How many miles? Check out the new Turbo Range Calculator on specialized.com.


We’ve also created a durable housing to protect the battery, and we strategically placed the cells to provide the Turbo Kenevo with an ideal weight distribution for even better handling. And finally, the Battery Management System (BMS) regulates battery health, protects it from overcharging (or under voltage), and ensures that you get as many miles as possible during the life of your battery.




Never Stranded

Depending on the mode you’re using, and the nature of the terrain, you can expect the Turbo Kenevo’s new M2-series battery to last between one and five hours. You never have to worry, however, about suddenly getting caught on the trail without enough power to ride back home. The Smart Control feature, available in our Mission Control App, lets you set the Turbo Kenevo’s power assist to last for either the duration of your ride or until you reach a defined point. What’s more, the Turbo Kenevo’s battery status is always on view with both the new Turbo Connect Unit and the optional handlebar-mounted Turbo Connect Display (available aftermarket).


Customise Your Ride

This Turbo Kenevo is even smarter and better connected than before. In the center of the top tube, you’ll find our Turbo Connect Unit that connects the bike, via ANT+ and Bluetooth®, to both the outside world and our Mission Control App. Speaking of which, we’ve added features and made Mission Control more intuitive.




You can easily customize motor characteristics, monitor your power use, control your range, perform basic system diagnoses, record and upload rides—and that’s just for starters. New to the app is our Shuttle Mode feature, which takes the sting out of long, painful climbs by giving you maximum motor support with less effort at the pedals. It’s perfect for the days when you want a fun and fast shuttle to the top.



Grease_Monkey, Oct 01 2019 06:14

This is what all ebikes should look like! Well done Spaz, that triple crown on there is awesome.

morneS555, Oct 01 2019 07:15

Evil bikes  gonna be miffed they missed the marketing opportunity with that name...


Evil Kenevo has a ring to it....lol

^ Disclaimer: "will make you want to do crazy sh$t"

Larry Montana, Oct 01 2019 07:57

That could be the coolest bike i have ever seen.

T-Bob, Oct 01 2019 09:18

First EBike that I'd actually want but that price is pretty up there for a metal bike - albeit with a monstrous motor in it! Would be so good to do laps and laps of Jonkers on it.

Steven Knoetze (sk27), Oct 02 2019 07:52

First EBike that I'd actually want but that price is pretty up there for a metal bike - albeit with a monstrous motor in it! Would be so good to do laps and laps of Jonkers on it.


You stole my words, first Ebike I would actually ride. Not sure I would go carbon on an ebike though. The weight and seen some explosive fires from ebikes too.........

PatrickR, Oct 02 2019 10:52

The Boss


Full stop, end of story......

Odinson, Oct 02 2019 11:35

Sick, sick bike if you’ve got the terrain and ZAR to drop for it. What the ideal ebike should be - a shuttle bike.

CJ Van, Oct 02 2019 12:18

So, does this ebike belong on the mountain?

banna, Oct 02 2019 01:07

The future of motocross is here.... :-)

Mongoose!, Oct 02 2019 04:08

Two or four stroke? :ph34r:

Chubba, Oct 03 2019 08:54

So, does this ebike belong on the mountain?

Why shouldn't it?

NickGM, Oct 03 2019 09:44

While I generally agree with all the swooning that's going on here, does anybody else feel that the water bottle and shock are bending their necks to accommodate each other? Trivial, I know, but it now it's all I notice. 

Captain Fastbastard Mayhem, Oct 07 2019 09:20

While I generally agree with all the swooning that's going on here, does anybody else feel that the water bottle and shock are bending their necks to accommodate each other? Trivial, I know, but it now it's all I notice. 

nah, it's just the lighting and the fact that the lower mounting point is slightly raised to allow a bit more clearance.